The most important thing for a Bollywood movie, after the star cast and action, is the flow of the film. It is very important for a filmmaker to know the art of storytelling because you need filmmaking and smooth narration for the cinema to be right. But in order to get the cinema right, there are many important scenes and parts that are removed from the final reel only because they seem unnecessary or somehow are breaking the flow. There were many scenes that were more interesting than most part of the film itself but couldn't make it to the final draft. So here we have a list of deleted scenes that could have made the movie a little better than what it is right now.

Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

This introductory scene of Simran was not the one that we remember. It was shot to be a bit different. Although this scene doesn't tell us much about her, it sure talks about other things. After watching this you'll get to know that Babuji was actually a fun guy and there was a reason he got extra mad at Raj when he stole the beer. Laajo also tells us that in a country now obsessed with fair skin, being dusky was a cool thing back then.


Yeh Jawaani Hai Dewaani

We all were quite stunned by the fact that Naina was at Aditi's wedding after so many years. They were like hardly a week old friends during the first half. And it was not because of the night that Naina mentions during the toast, it was because of this scene that was deleted from the first half.


Chak De! India

Kabir Khan had a hard time trying to get the team together to play for the country. Actually, it was even harder for him as per the script. But many scenes were deleted, which we didn't really get to know about them. Remember Bindiya talking about eating dahi chawal before the final match and you thought when did that happen? See the video below and everything will be clear.


Dear Zindagi

This coming of age drama talks about the mental distress the young generation goes through and that it is fine to seek help whenever required. There is a really important scene where Kaira tells some uncle that elders can respect the young people too and that also it completely fine.



There were many scenes that got cut from Mohabbatein and for a few valid reasons too. (*ahem* 3 hours 36 minutes *ahem*). Because of the deleted scenes, you didn't get to know about the other three love interests of Raj A. Malhotra and also miss the time when Sameer gets jealous of Vicky. Don't worry, watch those scenes here:



All the flying cars and action are the USP of a Rohit Shetty movie but Dilwale was a lot more than just that. This film is also known for its picturization. Kajol looks stunning, the song Gerua was shot like a dream and Manma Emotion Jaage had all your dream cars. However, what you didn't get to see was Vinod Khanna's intro and it is more badass than all of the previously mentioned stuff…put together. Watch it here:


Suicide Squad
How can we miss the deleted scenes of Joker from Suicide Squad when we are talking about making a film better? There were extended scenes of Joker and Harley together that could have made the film more about their love story (not that deleting the scenes made any difference) and not about the Squad, hence they were deleted. Take a look:

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