7 Hollywood films ever dog lover must watch

All great friendships start with a paw-shake.

True, isn’t it? You enter the house after a long tiring day and the next thing you know, you’re surrounded by an overly excited animal wagging his tale. Happy and elated, those puppy eyes are satisfying enough to de-stress and cheer you up. Rightfully labeled as the man’s best friend, dogs are undoubtedly the most adorable gift to mankind. And if you thought being friendly and adorable is their only motto in life, then here are 7 successful Hollywood flicks to prove it wrong. These films features them not only as pets but also as stars and superstars! I’m sure most of you dog lovers must have seen these films already, however for those who haven’t, read along and enjoy!

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale – Based on a true story, Hachi is by far the best film in this category. Flawless and heart-rending, the movie beautifully captures the relationship between a dog and his owner. Whether you are dog lover or not, you must watch this film.

Benji – Critically acclaimed and with an Academy Award nomination to its credit, the film won hearts all over the world. A tale of love, loyalty and friendship, Benji is story of a stray dog who sets out to rescue his human friends. Small and lovable this mix-breed dog will definitely touch your soul.

Bolt – A pup who think he has superpowers receives the biggest shock of his life -reality. Helpless and lost, the adorable German shepherd along with his new friends endeavor on a mission to find his owner. 

Marley and Me – The rollicking misadventures of a couple and their dog, Marley. Mischievous and full of life, your heart will go out for Marley by the end of the film. 

One Hundred and One Dalmatians – Released in the early 60s’, this animated feature will treat you with an avalanche of cuteness! You just cannot miss this film featuring 101 snowballs of cutesy.

Air Bud –  An extraordinary story of a young boy who finds a friend in Buddy, a dog abandoned by his owner. What’s so extraordinary? They both excel at basketball. Watch out for this interesting tale of Buddy, the basketball player!

Lady and the Tramp – The most endearing and adorable love story ever. Lady, an upper class American cocker spaniel falls head over heals in love with a stray mutt, Tramp. Mushy and delightful, this animated film will definitely enliven your mood.

Those are some of the movies that every dog lover must watch. Especially since Hollywood is all set to delight us with yet another heart-warming film about a dog name Max in June, 2015. Here’s the exclusive trailer for you: