We all love to root for the hero to win the battle and save the day, but it cannot be denied that some villains are way too cool to dislike. Walter White may own a drug empire and Lord Baelish is pure conniving evil but they are still likeable. Their badass persona on screen impressed fans and critics alike. If given a chance, most of us would like to hang out with Loki rather than Thor. Some of them became so popular that the studio decided to promote them to a heroic status, followed by some mixed reactions from the fans. While some naturally progressed into the heroic mould with the script, other were forced into it. It can still be a fun experiment in playing with audiences expectations, and here are seven examples of movies that gave their villains a second chance.

Terminator (T-800)
The Terminator 2: Judgement Day was a huge success at the box office, which basically kickstarted the franchise. Most people tend to ignore or are just unaware that there was a Terminator in the early 80s starring Arnold as the T-800 and we kid you not, he was the villain. He was roped in to play the cyborg on a mission to kill Sarah Connor. After a mild success of this movie, Cameron decided to flip the concept, turning the T-800 into a protector. It worked like a charm.
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Godzilla (for most part)
When you think of a 350-feet tall monster, which weighs over 164000 tons and has huge keloid scars on it’s back, without a shred of doubt, you know that is the villain. But director Gareth Edwards had different plans for this majestic beast and the Godzilla was portrayed as the saviour of mankind in the recent Godzilla (2014) movie. This turn of events was out of the blue and surprised many of us. It was a welcoming change, though.
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X-Men: Apocalypse (Mystique)
The original X-Men trilogy portrayed Mystique as a firm believer of the mutant race alongside Magneto and was keen on wiping out humanity. But the prequel trilogy explored her softer side and painted her in a positive light as the leading protagonist. Naturally, it didn't bode well with the ardent fans of the series, but nevertheless, JLaw played it to perfection.
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G.I. Joe: Retaliation (Storm Shadow)
Shadow is an out-and-out evil dude in the original, but during the events of Retaliation, it becomes clear that he’s innocent of his Master’s murder. He joined with Cobra to track down the real killer, and when he realises it was the shape-shifting Zartan, he helps the Joe team bring down Cobra.
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Jurassic World (T-Rex)
She is a known bloodthirsty man-eater but she came to save the day in the latest Jurassic World. The end fight scene against I-Rex or uncommonly known as Indominus rex was pure nerdgasm.
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Alien Vs Predator (The Predator)
He (we are assuming it’s a "he" for all practical purposes) is nearly unkillable, killing machine that hunted Arnold and his squad of commandos in the Predator. The concept worked and the effects were top notch and predator gained popularity in an instant. Paul W.S. Anderson thought of bringing the two iconic entities to share the same screen space. With the Alien queen as the main villain in the movie, Predator was obviously the messiah.
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Harry Potter (Severus Snape)
We just had to include this one to the list. It was the moment every fan was waiting for. With his mysterious and expressionless calm face, he seems to be an incredibly cruel person and maybe the most loyal servant to Voldemort until the truth is revealed in the last part, where he turns to an instant hero. Always trust Snape. Always!

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These were our picks, what do you think? Let us know in the comments below.