Letter-writing might be a lost art. But once upon a time before the era of telegraphs, phones and e-mails, hand-written letters were how people stayed in touch. There was a lot of monogrammed stationary, scented inks and even real scents involved when it came to expressing love through the medium of letters. Over time, letters were replaced by phones, and recently e-mails and texts. But there are still a few who believe that letters are still the best form of expressing your thoughts. On World Post Day, we have compiled a list of movies, those that believed letters are the ultimate tool for romance.

Letters to Juliet
Letters - BookMyShowA woman heads in search of the writer of an unanswered writer to reunite two lovers. What could be more inspiring and romantic than that?

P.S. I Love You
Letters - BookMyShowA dying husband leaves a bunch of letters to help his wife move on. Not only does he time them perfectly but he also exactly understands every phase she is going through.

The Shop Around the Corner
Letters - BookMyShowReleased in 1940, this movie is about two warring shop clerks who get along only as anonymous pen pals. What happens when they realize the identity of their pen pal? If you want to watch a modern version of this movie, you can check out the Tom Hanks-starring You've Got Mail.

Dear John
john_reading-_v203698532_-minTwo people in love find their paths to be different. The only medium they have is letters and the letters keep them together till the very end.

The Lake House
2006_the_lake_house_030-minA timey-wimey tale that has only one connection, a letter box which acts as the only piece of communication between the two leads of the movie.

84 Charing Cross Road
gfyhovw2pwa2fqdrwa76dbx7qrb-minThis movie is about lasting friendship over the course of a series of letters between the owner of a bookstore and an admirer of classics. It is a tale about how letters can form lasting friendships between total strangers.

Mary and Max
mm-max-minAn animated story about pen pals who help each other get over their respective problems via the medium of letters.

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