Happy Saturday, people! Yup, it was totally intentional because we thought of introducing you to a fun subject over the weekend. This is the ninth in a series of weekly articles for students. The series features articles recommending the best films based on a particular academic subject or stream. It is incredible how much more fun academics can get when blended with entertainment and the following list will prove it. In the previous edition, we put together a list of must watch movies for business students or anyone who aspires to be an entrepreneur.

And today, we bring you a list of movies that every dancer would love to watch, no matter how old they are. We had made a similar list of movies a long time ago, but this list will cover all the other amazing movies inspired by dance, which we didn’t cover the last time.

When you watch these movies, you will automatically feel like enrolling yourself into a dance program or academy (if you haven’t already done that). It will also remind you about why you are so passionate about dancing. So scroll down to find out which movies are we talking about.

Centre Stage
Ballet is such a beautiful and elegant dance form. And this movie proves that and also adds some edge to it.

Take the Lead
In this movie, street style meets elegant ballroom dancing. Yes, these genres are poles apart but when that swag is combined with beautiful dance postures, it looks stunning.

Happy Feet
This animated movie not just made tap dancing popular among kids but also taught you how to ignore the haters and do your own thing. Isn’t dancing all about expression how one feels?

Dance with Me
Latin dance forms are another sensual and graceful forms of ballroom dancing. If this movie doesn’t make you feel a little something, something from the inside, you better get your eyes checked.

Magic Mike
Hot men and striptease combined with hip hop, how can this combination go wrong? We all know that it’s not a conventional form of dancing but it sure can set the temperature soaring.

This is a classic movie that will bring out the rebel in you. The rock ‘n roll feel of this movie, the carefree moves, and the feet tapping music makes it a treat for dancers.

It’s raining men, hallelujah!” No, that song was not a part of this movie but the look of that song was inspired by this movie. This movie is about ballet but it’s also about fulfilling your dreams.

Which are your favorite movie and which of them inspired you to start dancing? Comment below to let us know.