In the clutter of typical Bollywood masala movies and glitter of Bollywood stars, somewhere the shine of good movies has faded. And by the amount of appreciation the commercial movies get, it is not even the makers' fault – they are making what the mass likes. In the pursuit of the crore-clubs, the industry has changed in a way that strong movies have become limited to the smaller scale. And while we call them smaller, they have stories that could enlighten the biggest of minds.

We rarely see a big movie star doing a good movie these days. But movies that do exceptionally well without such recognizable faces are the ones we are talking about here. Here is a list of movies that prove a strong story can never fail in becoming a great film.

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The name literally means a Hindu crematorium. The film follows 4 principal characters – a woman trying to discover her sexuality, her father trying to earn money to pay a bribe, a guy who falls in love with a girl from the upper caste, and the girl he falls in love with. The point the film makes is that wherever their life goes, all the world ends up at the Masan.

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The name here doesn't refer to the word "next" but how Ugly humankind can get – case in point is a little girl who is kidnapped by a street vendor. How everyone tries to get something out of this situation or just soothe their ego, leads to an even uglier end. This is by far Anurag Kashyap's most taut thriller.

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You will connect to the movie even more if you are aware of the noxious and dark underbelly of NCR. The film focuses on a lower middle-class family of three brothers who steal for a living. The film has situations which might  make you feel sick to the stomach but you will still continue to watch. It's the story of a few not-so-good characters that you will love.

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An adaptation of a real story dealing with a homophobic societal sections of India. The story of a professor who was kicked out of his job and his house because he was a homosexual. Hansal Mehta's direction, lead performances (Manoj Bajpayee and others), and an unconventional take on a story that otherwise could have been stereotyped makes Aligarh worth a visit.

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Sujoy Ghosh's thriller follows a pregnant lady looking for her missing husband. The film is so smart and well-executed, it is almost impossible to predict the twists and turns of the film. The film takes you to see the older areas of Kolkata. It is also one of the first female-oriented movies to enter the 100-crore club.

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A very different and brave story, the film dealt with the life of a sex addict who pleasures anyone including middle-aged and married women. He finally meets his match and that's when he settles down for her. The film has a set audience it caters to but a significant story to tell.

The Lunchbox
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The film is a tribute to the dabbawalas of Mumbai who have become a subject of study at world-class business schools. This being the story of one such dabba that gets exchanged and lands up with the character of Irrfan Khan. Irrfan Khan's and Nimrat Kaur's performances were praised both by Indian audiences and viewers around the world.

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