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7 Perfect Flicks To Accompany Your Tub of Ice Cream

There have been moments in every girl’s life, when she just wanted to curl up with some ice cream and a chick flick. Some girls might not even hide the fact and for some it is a guilty indulgence. The idea of having a perfect story is appealing to every girl when we have grown up with stories of knights in shining armors and the power of a true love’s kiss. We know you don’t really need a reason to sit with a box of ice cream and tune in to your favorite movie. But chocolate ice cream day should be a good enough reason to warrant a chick flick marathon. We have compiled a list of flicks that will complement and enhance this experience for you. You may have seen some of them, but we can always watch it again.

Music and Lyrics

This is a personal favorite, why you ask? Because Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore not only make a beautiful couple, the simple story line with not too much melodrama keeps it real and we can always listen to Hugh Grant talking . You will get to view his amazing dance moves.

Pitch Perfect

This is the movie that made the A Capella trend popular all over. No, this is not your typical romance story. It is a story about a group of girls you might call misfits trying to follow their passion for singing and succeeding. Sounds empowering, doesn’t it? Give it a try.

The Proposal

Relationships/marriages of convenience stories are as old as time. But this is the same concept with a twist. Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds’ chemistry on screen is a pleasure to watch and their renowned comic timing will definitely make you laugh out loud.

13 Going 30

Every teenager’s dream is to grow up and be an adult as soon as possible. The responsibilities are usually shielded by the dazzle of the freedom. This movie tells one such story of a girl who realizes that being an adult is not as rosy as it seems. But a girl can still wish, right?

The Time Traveler’s Wife

Every sci-fi fan girl must have seen this movie. This is the ultimate tale of love transcending through all the barriers possible. It might get you a little teary-eyed, but nothing some ice cream won’t solve.

The Holiday

Traveling alone after a crisis can be liberating and finding a lovable temporary home across the world during such a time is what they call an icing on the cake. Once again a simple story line sans extreme drama along with beautiful performances by Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz, moves us and makes us watch this movie time and again.

Legally Blonde

Beauty with brains is actually not a rare combination at all. Beneath the surface, there is always scope for greatness. She may be blonde and she may care a tad too much about fashion. But when she stands up for a cause, there is absolutely no stopping her.
Here we conclude the list. We have deliberately stayed away from movies which might get you sobbing and howling. Please let us know in the comments below, which movie will accompany your box of ice cream and share it with your friends.