With the entire world raving about his enchanting scores, David Guetta is a wicked genius who has been working his magic behind the console for years. Considered one of the world’s best DJs, his amazing sets, foot-tapping beats and inimitable sense of style have successfully established him as a true titan of the EDM and pop scene. With his popularity spanning several countries, and millions of fans rooting for his magical renditions, we bring to you some of his exclusive hit singles.

So, throw your hands in the air, lose yourself and dance to the sick beats of 7 of our favorite tracks by David Guetta!
Titanium ft. Sia -Touted as one of his best collaborations, Titanium features Guetta’s exhilarating beats and Australian singer Sia’s melodious voice. The duo have successfully breathed magic into this emotional near-ballad!
Sexy Chick ft. Akon – An instant hit among the masses, this high-octane number is exotic, rhythmic and features resonating vocals by Akon.
Club Can’t Handle Me – Though this song featured Guetta as a guest, his trademark sound definitely made its presence felt and how! We would be lying if we said that this song didn’t make us want to bust a move!
Love is Gone – Catchy and energetic! Chris Willis‘ resounding voice backed by Guetta’s party beats will get your feet tapping instantly.
Work Hard, Play Hard – Another exuberant number by Ne-Yo and Akon that was a hit with several party-goers at clubs!
When Love Takes Over – A euphoric masterpiece featuring Kelly Rowland’s strong vocals and Guetta’s larger-than-life beats.
Metropolis – An exclusive non-lyrical collaboration with Nicky Romero! Need we say more?

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