Typical Bollywood family films have a certain set of mandatory characters with their specific characteristics, and this has been going on since forever. The Indian society has this innate need of sanskaar to suffice their stereotypical needs and many Bollywood movies are made just to provide them with that dose. 

However, a part of our society has evolved and so have the viewers and filmmakers. There have been many films that have parted ways with the unrealistic plots and have characters and families that are relatable and realistic; where people get fed up of their parents, argue if they think elders are wrong and women have started living outside the kitchen. There's more to these movies than just entertainment. Let's have a look at seven such movies:

Dangal (2016)
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The fact that Dangal is based on a true story makes the movie even more relatable. Dangal is a film that not only makes us proud but inspires us to pursue our dreams regardless of the gender stereotype attached to a sport like wrestling. Unlike other films, this one didn't show a born champion who excelled everywhere from the very the beginning. The characters who went on to become world champions worked hard through rigorous practice, failure and judgment to achieve eventual success.

Kapoor & Sons (2016)
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Unlike the families of Barjatya movies, Kapoor & Sons was a rather dysfunctional one. Regardless of how filmy the family name was this reel family was nowhere near an ideal one. The elder couple of the family were not happy together and stayed with each other only for the sake of marriage that sustained for 30 years, the younger son couldn't work his life out and the older more successful one couldn't come out of the closet because he wasn't sure. It was more like a reality check for the "typical" Indian audience.

Piku (2015)
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Piku was a lighthearted story of a father who didn't want to be left alone. Unlike the societal belief of a daughter being paraya dhan, Bhaskar Banerjee (Amitabh Bachchan) is a father who treats his daughter as an asset and surprisingly doesn't want her to get married. A house where Piku, her father, and a housekeeper stay, everyone is independent – socially and sexually; something still not very overt in Indian movies.

Pink (2016)
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Pink had a very powerful message and it was spread through an equally powerful voice. This movie truly was a different one. It was not only about women fighting for their rights, it was about independent women trying to stand proud and on their own in a judgmental society. It was more about the rights and individual courage than about pride of a family. It was about three women and a man telling other men to understand the meaning of "NO".

Vicky Donor (2012)
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Who can forget the super cool modern grandmom of Vicky and the larger-than-life personality of his mother who single-handedly took care of the family? This matriarchal family was a true picturization of awesome Punjabi women. A society where there are generally three possibilities as a career (being an engineer, doctor or lawyer), Vicky Donor, in a light-hearted way, made the society aware of the importance of an otherwise very normal thing to do called sperm donation

English Vinglish (2012)
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More than being the comeback of Sridevi and the story of a female who conquers the English language, the film is about the maternal figure in a nuclear family and the way she is taken for granted. It is the depiction of a character probably every household has and the kind of patience she possesses holding the family together.

Tamasha (2015)
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Tamasha cannot be called a family-oriented movie but Ved's (Ranbir Kapoor) character was based entirely on the way he was treated by his family. The film throws light on how parental expectations and pressure can affect the personality of a person. It also shows how mechanical a life becomes when one is trying to live a life somebody else wants him to live, which is well, more than half of the youth population is doing today.

Do you think there are more such movies that you can relate to? Let us know in the comments below.