Twitteratis, Social Media junkies and the know-it-alls have acknowledged this bold, dusky beauty. She received rave reviews for her debut film Nasha. And she continues to revel in stardom through her Twitter account. She lashes out at the biggies and is adept in creating controversies. She is the substitute to our gossip magazines.

Here are 7 reasons why you should follow Poonam Pandey on Twitter:
1. Everyday you will wake up to new promises. Pandey promises atleast one nasty thing and usually does what she says… usually. You can be rest assured that she won’t follow in the footsteps of Kejriwal. No U-turns when it is the Nasha girl we are talking about.
2.She is bizarre. She may be contentious. But she is your daily dose of laughter. What the dadi and bua from Kapil Sharma’s show does is least bit interesting when compared to PP’s tweets. They are most likely to evoke a #laughriot.
3. Her tweets are in your face. They show you reality. And you gotta face’em! (Or perhaps her Retweets show you the reality.)
4. Her tweets are retarded and a hope to the hopeless! If you think you are very bad at poetry, you ought to take inspiration from Pandey’s tweet rhymes.
5. You tweet something crazy using Poonam Pandey’s official handle and there, it is retweeted by her. She loves frolicking in this teeny-weeny, itsy-bitsy fame. So let her be your ultimate tool to gain you more Twitter followers.
6. She is desperate for limelight. But you must mind your Ps and Qs. She helps you draw a clear line to distinguish between the Dos and Don’ts on a public forum.
7. Nothing gets better than this… she is convincingly blonde! You get to see it in all her tweets.
And if you still think that you are better off without following her handle then here’s one for you.

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