Born as Krishna Pandit Bhanji to a Gujarati father and a British mother, Sir Ben Kingsley received worldwide recognition after playing Gandhi in the film of the same name. Incidentally, Gandhi is his second movie and he has not looked back since. But not all his performances have been spectacular. There was a time he was nominated for the worst supporting actor for the movie BloodRayne. Ben Kingsley might have refused to work on Bollywood projects as he was not comfortable speaking Hindi but he had an intricate connection with India and Bollywood. He was awarded Padma Shri for his role in Gandhi, he worked with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in the movie The Last Legion where he was mightily impressed with her and finally, he played Naseeruddin's character in the Hollywood adaptation of the Bollywood movie, A Wednesday.
an-evil-tom-hiddleston-ben-kingsThere is a certain allure when we see actors from the Great Britain as villains. Their accent combined with a no-nonsense attitude place the fear of God into us and at the same time, we can't wait to see more of them. Sir Ben Kingsley is one such actor who has a very decorated film career that spans over four decades with him playing a variety of roles. He has actually played the antagonist quite a few times and each one of them has been a distinct role ans was imprinted in our memories.

Oliver Twist
Sir Ben Kingsley - BookMyShowPlaying the leader of London's pickpocket gang, Kingsley owns every scene he appears in and his transformation from a kind person to Oliver to someone who wants to kill the protagonist is expertly done.

Sexy Beast
Sir Ben Kingsley - BookMyShowWinning an Academy Award for his portrayal of Don Logan, Kingsley appeared as a ruthless con man who doesn't hesitate to kill, spewing obscenities all the time. The movie is considered one of the best British crime movies.

Shutter Island
Sir Ben Kingsley - BookMyShowAlthough the lead psychiatrist of the hospital, his portrayal of Dr. Cawley would make you want to stay away from this doctor. His screen time may have been minimal but it did send shivers down our spine.

Sir Ben Kingsley - BookMyShowIn this sci-fi movie, he plays The Hood who is the head of a team of diabolical scientists. He is a formidable foe to the Thunderbirds, not without galore of attitude.

War, Inc.
Sir Ben Kingsley - BookMyShowA creepy hit-man with a Southern accent, Ben Kingsley simply owns this role and we would love to see him as more of these.

You Kill Me
Sir Ben Kingsley - BookMyShowAnother movie where Kingsley plays a hitman but this time with a Polish accent. This movie is the perfect mix of crime comedy and he does a commendable job.

Iron Man 3
Sir Ben Kingsley - BookMyShowObviously, we are not talking about Trevor here but his portrayal of the Mandarin. He may have just been playing a part but it was inspiring to see him switch from Mandarin to Trevor and back again.

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