There are people who love Shah Rukh Khan and there are those who don't, but there's nobody who'll deny that the man oozes charm. He is commonly known as the King of Romance and the Badshah of Bollywood and he has totally earned these titles with his work so far, both onscreen and offscreen. But as much we love him in his romantic avatar, we are also well aware of his versatility. He can be an action hero, he can be a ghost and he can be a creepy villain too. So, today we are gonna step away from the obvious and talk about some of the SRK movies that are actually not about romance.

Chak De India
One of the most loved films on sports, this film has SRK as Kabir Khan who is the newly appointed coach of the Indian Women's Hockey Team. In spite of the number of women in the movie, there's no hint of romance as we know it, in the movie. His character is all about hockey, passion for his country and the sport, and the intent to get over the guilt of letting his country down.

Swades is about Mohan Bhargava, who works at NASA and comes to India India to take 
Kavery Amma, his mother figure, to USA from the old age home. When in India and spending some time in a village, Mohan realizes his responsibilities towards his country and the people here, and decides against going back to the U.S. The movie does have a romantic angle, but Swades essentially revolves more around the love between a mother and a son; be it Kaveri Amma or Mohan's motherland.

Asoka is a historical drama where King Khan plays the character of Emperor Asoka of the Maurya Dynasty. His character is aggressive, smart and brave. The battle of thrones makes Asoka realize that war will only bring him 
loss, regardless his victory. Hence, he starts following and spreading Buddhism and peace worldwide. The movie features one of the most difficult and different characters that SRK has pulled off.

Hey Ram
Hey Ram is a period drama where Shah Rukh plays the role of Amjad Ali Khan, an archeologist, who later becomes a victim of the partition. This character is a Muslim man, who believes in love and peace. He helps change an assassin's mind who is about to commit a murder. Gandhi, in the film, is killed by another assassin, Nathuram Godse, but the message of the film was quite clearly projected.

SRK called this movie his dream project. A science fiction which shows SRK in the role of a techie and a superhero. The titular character is the antagonist of a digital game, Ra.One, who comes alive because of added artificial intelligence. And the protagonist, G.One, played by SRK saves the day. The film was made with one of the highest budgets at the time of release.

Another film where he has played two characters, himself and his fan from Delhi. Gaurav Tanna (the fan), goes to Mumbai to meet his celebrity love and source of inspiration. After getting spurned by him, Gaurav decides to ruin his idol's life. Not so soon, they both meet and one of them dies. Many critics referred SRK's work as one of his best performances till date.

Dear Zindagi
There are only a few movies that star Shah Rukh but not in a lead role (except his cameos, of course). This film, however, is one of the exceptions. He plays the role of a counselor and psychologist who helps a girl treat her insomnia and her phobia. Kaira (Alia Bhatt's character) proposes to him after the treatment. His reaction to the proposal was refreshing for viewers who are usually subjected to the stereotyped happy endings.

Can you list more of Shah Rukh's movies that feature him in a non-romantic avatar? Let us know in the comments below.