Bollywood is nothing without the epic romances. Whether it’s Kajol and SRK or Deepika and Ranveer, everyone has a favorite onscreen couple. And it looks like there’s a new addition to the ever-growing list.

Alia Bhatt and Shahid Kapoor have had us charmed after we watched the Shaandaar trailer. But there’s so much more to their chemistry than what’s on screen. The duo has won our hearts with their interviews, photo ops and Instagram updates. Though the release of Shaandaar still seems too far away, we have some of the couple’s most adorable moments to tide us over. Here are seven times Alia and Shahid were Bollywood’s most shaandaar jodi.

1. When their selfies were the most shaandaar ones we’ve ever seen.

2. When they gave Bollywood’s best playback singers a run for their money with their rendition of Raitaa Phail Gaya.

3. When one jhalak of the adorable couple was just not enough.

4. When they went old school.

5. When they recreated the poster, and it was the cutest thing ever.

6. And when the tables were turned.


Let’s be real, Alia and Shahid are one of the cutest couples Bollywood has seen in a while. And we know you can’t wait to watch them together in Shaandaar. Are you as excited about the film as we are? Share this article and spread the word!