Bollywood is all about watching our wildest imagination coming true on screen. We have impossible romances and even more impossible fight scenes where only the hero can emerge victorious. But sometimes filmmakers surprise us by mirroring what we see every day and weaving a story around it. These slice-of-life stories are surprisingly entertaining, even though they are de-glammed. Usually, these movies are made on a small budget with fresh faces but that does not deter the audience from showering these movies with love and appreciation. But sometimes we see our superstars serving us these movies rather than those glamorous movies they usually serve us with. 
With Dear Zindagi proving to be one of those times, here are some other slice-of-life movies which were graced with superstars.

Taare Zameen Par
Slice of Life - BookMyShowEven with a lot of awareness, there is a lack of sympathy and understanding among people for the ones who are different. This movie highlighted the fact that not all of us are the same. Some of us learn a little differently and all they need is their parents' unwavering support. Aamir Khan was a part of this blockbuster and his presence helped spread the message of the movie among masses.

English Vinglish
Slice of Life - BookMyShowEveryone has a breaking point and once we reach that point we can rise and there's no stopping us. This Sridevi starrer was a simple heart-touching story with lots of comic moments and the meaning behind the movie still staying with us.

Cheeni Kum
Slice of Life - BookMyShowAge is no barrier to love and no other movie can explain it better than this one. Amitabh Bachchan and Tabu weaved a believable love story which didn't need palat scenes, dancing around the tree sequences or perfectly choreographed group dances.

Slice of Life - BookMyShowThere is no place like home and however fast the world might move ahead, home is where you are meant to stay. This Shah Rukh Khan starrer might have bombed at the box office but the beauty of the movie is well appreciated now.

Rang De Basanti
Slice of Life - BookMyShowThis movie bleeds patriotism. With parallel story lines, it shows us that how some things have not changed post-independence. Also, the candle-light vigils have become a popularity among masses after the release of the movie.

Slice of Life - BookMyShowThis movie not only changed our views on how we look at temples and practices but at the same time re-acquainted us with the plight of the common man battling for basic needs after natural calamities.  

Slice of Life - BookMyShowThe newest addition to this list. The movie had us intrigued from the bold words Amitabh Bachchan uttered. But it did not stop there. His words and his voice had us gripped for the duration of the movie and long after that.

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