21st century is turning out to be all about communication and entertainment. The statement "the world being a global village" doesn’t seem like an exaggeration anymore. People are developing varied tastes when it comes to what they prefer to do in order to entertain themselves. Some prefer to think TV and movies as some kind of invasion while some have chosen to accept it wholeheartedly and made it a way of life. With most of them following popular opinions, there are times when the fans have taken a lot of time to understand the worthiness of some movies or TV series. It takes them years to understand how cool it actually is. There have been many series who have been victims of these conditions and their second seasons haven’t seen the light of the day.


Firefly TV Series - BookMyShowThis series deserves to be on the top of the list for its sheer concept. A group of smugglers some thousands of years from now pillaging in the galaxy and apparently Chinese is  going to be the most popular language in future. The fans did get a movie so they could get some closure, but it wasn't enough. Now that Nathan Fillion is free from his commitments towards ‘Castle’, they should give this another try.


Alcatraz TV Series - BookMyShowSome might find this name familiar and some might not. For the latter, this is the name of a small island off the coast of San Francisco, California. It was also an inescapable prison back in its day. The series focuses on the concept of all the prisoners and guards just disappearing one fine night, only to return fifty years later without aging a day. The show follows a simple format of a-prisoner-a-week with a group of officers solely trying to keep this matter a secret. In the time when there is an abundance of crime-based shows, this show was a breath of fresh air and we wanted more of it.

Terra Nova

Terra Nova TV Series - BookMyShowIn the year 2142, the Shannon family faced with extinction, transport themselves one million years into the past. The concept enough should get your jaws dropping and the fact that the show was produced by Steven Speilberg should get you excited enough to ask the channels to give this show another chance.

Freaks and Geeks

Freaks and Geeks TV Series - BookMyShow A typical high-school drama aimed for teens with storyline so perfect that it rises above all the series of the same genre. The channel didn’t even let it complete its first season, canceling it mid-way. The film has amassed a cult following since then and is a part of most of the lists that include the greatest series of all time.

Chicago Code

Chicago Code TV Series - BookMyShowYes, we agree there is one series too many about the fictional police/FBI investigations and  we really don’t need another one. But you have to see this to believe why it deserves to be airing way into its 9th or 10th season by now (like Criminal Minds). Its complex plots were interesting with the focus divided between police procedures and the lead characters' complex psyche, along with their exploration of grey areas when everyone wants things black or white. We cannot complain about the two-part finale as it gave us a good closure, but we would love to see more. 

Almost Human

Almost Human TV Series - BookMyShowWhat if you become something that you greatly detest? How do you function normally with that? In some far away future, cops are assisted with androids who keep them on track and help in tight situations.  A cop who was in coma for 17 months wakes up with a prosthetic leg making him part android. Sounds exciting doesn’t it? Alas, we only saw 13 episodes of his amazing adventures.


Constantine TV Series - BookMyShowWe have saved one of the best of this list for the last. This series about fighting demons and other supernatural beings might have been the best thing since we saw the Winchester brothers. Both these series are on par when it comes to the entertainment and excitement value (we are not kidding!). And, Constantine has a superb British accent (do we have your attention now?). We don’t know why the series didn’t get the renewal it deserved. But the titular character's cameo in the serial Arrow made us want more of him.

What do you think of our list? Do you know any other series which deserve a second chance? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to share these binge-watchable series with your friends.