Weddings are a beautiful, colorful, and an emotional affair. To make that big day a special one, preparations for it begin months in advance. From the day the wedding announcement is made till the actual wedding day, everyone from the groom and bride to their friends and relatives go through various stages of realization. Some of these stages can be a collection of absolutely heartwarming moments, while there are situations that are anxious, tiring, stressful and can lead to a massive meltdown. Yes, planning a wedding is not easy and actually being a part of it and bringing a huge change in your life isn't a walk in the park either. But at least you can make it a memorable journey.

Some movies have accurately captured all the wedding madness and have made us fall in love with the characters and moments in them. Through the lives of these characters, many of you might have even imagined how your wedding day would be like. So, to relive those beautiful moments, we bring you a list of all the best wedding movies that will make your heart melt like a dollop of butter on a hot stack of pancakes. Read on.

27 Dresses
Katherine Heigl
 played the role of the loyal maid of honor who saved all her bridesmaid dresses as a memento from each wedding she attended. And when her time comes to be a bride, her friends return the favor and make it a memorable day for her.

Mamma Mia
musical that will get you tapping your feet and in some scenes, reaching out for a box of tissues to wipe your tears. This movie is not just about a wedding but a union of two lost souls.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding
This movie surely shows you that a wedding is a grand affair. Especially when people from different cultures decide to get married and that's when you see how crazy and fun things can be.

Monsoon Wedding
This movie gives you a flavor of Indian (Punjabi) weddings. As the story unfolds, it also introduces a scandalous twist that will keep you hooked and wanting to know how things turn out in the end.

Bride Wars
Two best friends are at loggerheads when they accidentally get assigned the same wedding date. This makes you question how strong their friendship is and wonder who will be the bigger person and step aside.

Bride and Prejudice
It may not be the best movie adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel but it certainly is the most colorful and entertaining version.

Father of the Bride
This film is a classic. Wedding movies usually portray the state of mind of the bride or the groom but this one focuses on the father and the array of emotions that he goes through while planning the wedding of his daughter.

So, which is your favorite movie that you don’t mind watching over and over again? Comment below to let us know.