Celebrities are constantly under scrutiny and there’s barely any scope for privacy. That’s when publicists come into the picture and shield their dear celebrities from uncomfortable interactions with the media. Most of the times this works, but sometimes it just turns into super awkward moments that will make you cringe.

There also might be instances when celebrities were made to attend too many interviews for promotional purposes and that could have set them in a mood. But it’s also the interviewer’s responsibility to stay within their limits and not constantly badger the celebrities with personal questions just to get some juicy info. And if the celebrities retaliate, give sarcastic responses, or simply walk out of such interviews, it’s only fair to do that.

So if you want to see how awkward some of these celebrity interviews can be, read on.

Taylor Swift
For Taylor, men are trouble (don’t we all know). Don’t forget to notice her priceless expression.

Paris Hilton
Paris said that she doesn’t care about her frenemy (Kim Kardashian) but it still manages to tick her off (a little bit).

Kylie Jenner
No matter how much Kylie tried to cover up her relationship with Tyga, her expressions said it all.

Jennifer Lawrence 
A fan moment that gave away the spoilers.

Justin Bieber
Clearly lost in translation. Maybe that’s how a cultural shock feels and looks like.

Cara Delevingne
From getting the name wrong to simply being bitchy, these interviewers got off on the wrong foot.

Jesse Eisenberg
Was Jesse flirting or being super rude? What do you think?

Quentin Tarantino
When Quentin gave it back to the reporter for digressing from the topic. Ouch!

Intense, right? If you were a celebrity, what would you do? Comment below to let us know.