Having been a thing for more than 200 years now, Friday the 13th indisputably marks as one of the most inauspicious days in the West. From the 19th century (assuming that’s when it all began), up until now, we all have our own associations in making this day a little spookier; be it the extinguishing of a candle, creaking doors and windows or even coming across a black cat for that matter. Nevertheless, for most of us, the ‘apparent’ frightful day comes as an excuse to catch up on the horror movies we usually end up missing. What’s more? this Friday the 13th is the first and the only one 2016 will be witnessing, which totally gives you a reason to meet your friends and catch up on some of the movies many have missed but should not have. To make it easier, here’s a list of eight horror flicks that might have not been the mainstream’s first choice and yet will give you the chills you love. 

Session 9 (2001)

Session 9 Hollywood Horror Movie - BookMyShow

This film is about an abandoned mental asylum haunted by its patients. The terror is linked with a horrific past which is for the cleaning crew working there to find out. Directed by Brad Anderson, the 97-minute-long tale is will send a chill down your spine and you can take our word for it.

It Follows (2014)

It Follows Hollywood Horror Movie - BookMyShow

Jay is fighting death, which is a curse coming to get her in the form of a friend or foe. This curse is passed from one victim to the other after the very first time they get intimate. It Follows is a movie that beats most cliches of the genre and quite successfully so. Might not be suited for everyone’s tastes but this Maika Monroe-starrer is definitely worth a scare.

The Nameless (1999)

The Nameless Hollywood Horror Movie - BookMyShow

Set in the 90s, this Spanish movie is the story of a young girl who is dead but years later calls her parents claiming to be alive. The investigation that follows gives way to a lot of hidden secrets. The Nameless ranks high on a lot of "Scariest Movies Ever" lists that are floating online. So many lists can’t be wrong.

Grave Encounters (2011)

Grave Encounters Hollywood Horror Movie - BookMyShow

Let’s face it. Abandoned mental hospitals usually make the best setting for a horror story to unfold. Mad patients, madder doctors, lobotomies – perfect recipe. Just consider the number of such stories set in mental hospitals. Grave Encounters is one such. Grave Encounters. Is. Scary. A reality TV show crew go ghost (and trouble) hunting in an isolated mental hospital. Need we say more?

Birds (1963)

Birds Hollywood Horror Movie - BookMyShow

This one is directed by the king of all things scary who was born on Friday the 13th himself, Alfred Hitchcock. For over two hours, Birds terrifies you with a story about birds attacking people. Doesn’t seem terrifying much? Don’t knock it till you try it.

Abandoned (2006)

Abandoned Hollywood Horror Movie - BookMyShow

A woman returns to her real home when she finds out that she was adopted only to find unpleasant hidden secrets about her past. Next time you are discussing horror cinema in a gathering and someone says, "The Abandoned is one of my favorites", make best friends with that person. Immediately!

Lake Mungo (2009)

Lake Mungo Hollywood Horror Movie - BookMyShow

The death of a sixteen year old girl by drowning causes strange happenings which reveal about her dual life and the secrets that led to her death. This mockumentary directed by Joel Anderson is an absolute creepfest and is severely underrated.

The Skeleton Key (2005)

The Skeleton Key Hollywood Horror Movie - BookMyShow

The poster and the trailer screamed, "From the writer of The Ring". Game over! Black magic, witchcraft and a sultry Kate Hudson. Like they say about all good horror films, watch out for the climax.

Have a happy ‘Fright’day The 13th!

— By Sanaa Surve