We all have our favorite talk show host – someone who oozes charm, is quick-witted and classy, all at the same time. From casual chats over coffee to crazy stories, our celebs are most comfortable when another celeb is taking their interview.
We’ve seen the likes of Karan Johar, Simi Garewal and Farhan Akhtar do it before.
But what if there were other famous people who got to host their own TV show? 
Here are a few, we think would light up the small screen with their presence:

1. Kamaal R Khan

He is the one who created the hashtag ‘#2RsPpl’ and he is the one who puts the ‘ass’ in badass. We would give anything to watch KRK grill (viz. abuse) his guests and make them incredibly uncomfortable with his pointless jabs.

Show Title:

2. Raghu Ram

Raghu Ram from Roadies is the nicest guy there is. He really gets what the person is trying to say and calmly listens to them, never intimidating or scaring them.


Show Title:

3. Poonam Pandey

We don’t really know what she would talk about, given her half-baked knowledge about everything and her tenacity for saying stuff like – “If this happens, I will strip.”

Show Title:

4. Arvind Kejriwal

Black money, white money – What’s it gonna be? 
(Sing it to the Bad Boys tune!)
The jingle is already playing in my head.
Arwind Kejriwal is the one man, who does his background checks pretty well. And guess what, he gets to walk out every time the guest refuses to answer his question.

Show Title:

5. Yo Yo Honey Singh

The “youth icon” talks about a lot of things in his raps. Mainly parties and booze. For all we care, his talk show can be shot in an actual pub, because no one really cares what he says. Hey, the tune’s catchy!

Show Title:

6. Baba Ramdev

The concept would be pretty simple – Answer rapid fire questions while holding your ankle over your head, whilst holding your breath. If you win, you get a goodie bag, filled with a Yoga mat and a fake beard.

Show Title:

7. Alok Nath

Ideally, Alok Nath’s show should be telecast right after Yo Yo Honey Singh’s, just to ensure the audiences can live with the guilt of having watched the latter. What would Alok Nath talk about? Do we even need to say that out loud?

Show Title:

8. Manmohan Singh

"Ladies and gentlemen, presenting your host for this evening, Dr. Manmohan Singh…


(heavy breathing)


(15 minute stare-off)


And, that’s a wrap. 
Join us next week to witness the world’s first silent chat show."

Show Title:

So as you can see, we’ve got a pretty interesting line-up of talk show hosts, who can use their fame to rake in some crazy TRPs. 
Which Indian celebrity would you like to see host their own talk show? Share your ideas with us in the comments below!

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