Drama is one thing we all love to watch, however, only if it is in the right amount and at the right places. But Bollywood is known for adding a little bit of drama in almost everything, be it a wedding (watched Happy Bhag Jayegi yet?) or a childbirth (how can we forget the famous climax scene from Salaam Namaste?). The death of a lead actor cannot be pulled off without being dramatic. Now since we are at it, why not list out the most dramatic deaths of Bollywood? From leaving us teary-eyed to making us fall off our seats laughing, these guys can surely win an award for portraying the most dramatic deaths ever.

Om Shanti Om


While Deepika is stuck in the fire, dying, Shah Rukh's body flies and falls on the highway only to be hit by someone's car. (Ouch)



Shilpa Shetty was pushed off the terrace by her wicked lover (Shah Rukh Khan) who convinces her not be scared of heights. So. Creepy.



Tossing a coin and seeing fate decide your best friend's death in front of your eyes – cannot get more dramatic than this. (Painful too).



John rode off the cliff plunging to his death with  a trail of money following him. Jaan Jaaye Par Paise Naa Jaaye (death in style)



The over possessive husand (Arbaaz Khan) dies in a train accident chasing his wife who tries to save him but fails. (Serves him right).

Ram Lakhan


Anil Kapoor and Jackie Shroff avenge their father's death by tying Amrish Puri to the railway tracks for the next train to crush him. (Brutal)

Main Hoon Na


When you plan on killing someone else but end up dying – that's what happened to Suniel Shetty when Shah Rukh escaped in the helicopter that came out of nowhere.

Kal Ho Na Ho


You know you're dying but you still want to play the cupid. This one was rather sad. Shah Rukh's innocent, dying face brought tears to almost everyone's eyes.