Smile, please! Wait, what’s that on your nose? Or is it just your webcam? 

April Fool! We got you there, didn’t we? Today’s the day of hilarious pranks, impractical jokes and lots of crazy fun. Every year on this day, people try to fool their family, peers, colleagues, bosses, even fellow commuters with various silly tricks. This time, you need to keep up. We bring you the best pranks from movies, both Bollywood and Hollywood, which will ultimately make you the Prankmaster among your friends. Check out these videos and enjoy trying some funny, outrageous and bizarre pranks that will fool anyone. Happy Fooling!


The baby scene from Cocktail

This is the best way to get back at your ex.


The bathroom scene from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobaara

An ideal prank when you’re with a group of friends.


Chatur’s Speech from 3 Idiots

This hilarious prank is guaranteed to leave you in splits!


Aamir Khan’s fake knife in Ishq

Try this trick with your favorite frenemy.


Matilda’s tonic and superglue trick

A prank that is best used on people you do not like.


The ruined birthday party from Problem Child

This is for those snotty neighbors who won’t invite you to their parties.


Every scene from Home Alone…especially this one!

Try this the next time you order pizza. 


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