8 Movies that Showed the Real Side of Infidelity

Many movies talk about infidelity and take us through a kaleidoscope of emotions. Some of these movies show us the dark side of relationships while others show the light at the end of the tunnel. That’s when we realize that it’s a common thing that many go through and you slowly end up seeing the real side of such unfortunate circumstances.

Here are some Hollywood movies that not just show you the other side of infidelity but also humor you with its casual nature.

*Spoiler Alert*

Two Night Stand – The Venting It Out Phase
Instead of facing the problem and breaking up with his girlfriend, Alec chooses to let the load off by having a one-night stand with a stranger, Megan. Later because of this immature behavior, things get super complicated with his girlfriend and he almost ends up messing things up with Megan, with whom he had a connection. 

Bridget Jones’s Diary – Tanked Office Romance
It definitely got super awkward when the office romance between Bridget and Daniel Cleaver (her boss) ended on a bad note. The only way to deal with that was to find a new job or suck it up and ignore all the rumors. Finding a new job is definitely a good option but not getting involved with your boss is the better option.

It’s Complicated – In the Other Woman’s Shoes
It must feel like hell when a husband (Jake) cheats on his wife (Jane) and leaves her for a younger, prettier woman. But when that same husband comes back to the wife and cheats on the prettier woman, does that make the wife the “other woman”? Real complicated stuff, but remember, “once a cheater, always a cheater.”

The Good Girl – Not So Good Girl
A dull life is usually the reason why people look out of their relationships for love. Justine goes through the same thing and gets involved with the young cashier, Holden. Soon the secret almost gets out and she has to deal with the consequences, which make her think what if she had taken a flight with Holden.

The Other Woman – The Revenge
When Kate finds out that her husband, Mark, is having an affair with Carly, she has a serious meltdown (understandable). But when she gets to know that there were multiple partners, she and her other mistresses team up to expose her sketchy husband. This may seem unrealistic but who knows? Anything can happen in real life.

Wolf of Wall Street – Money Changes Everything
With money there comes power. And if you get high on money and power, relationships are the first things that take a major hit. Some remain faithful, while some replace their old wives with new. Like replacing your old car with a Ferrari. That’s how the old wife is soon forgotten.

The Great Gatsby – The Unfulfilled Love
A romance that sparked during the age of adolescences becomes the drive and obsession of Gatsby after he splits with Daisy. Years later, when he achieves the desired social status and tries to woo Daisy (who’s married then), things go as per plan but in return create a lot of buzz in the society. It also highlights that when a man drifts from his marriage, it’s somewhat acceptable but when a woman does, it’s abomination.

Under the Tuscan Sun – The Journey
It’s not easy to pick up the pieces of your broken relationship and to move on. There might be instances when you wonder whether it’s even possible to be happy, and with time things change. With the change of location and a new company, Frances finds the real reasons to love and be happy.

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