In India, apart from the many things that divide us, the two things that bring us together are cricket and Bollywood. The IPL that recently came to an end with Mumbai emerging victorious by just 1 run was a perfect example of what cricket can do to a country of 1.3 billion people. You can see almost all emotions oozing out of a person while he is watching his favorite team’s cricket match.

Bollywood is another reality that makes most of the country go crazy. No matter who you are or where you’re from, you are bound to get star struck when you meet a celebrity for the first time. But not everyone is a die hard Bollywood fan. What distinguishes them from an average Bollywood fan? Here are some of the most common traits that you will find in someone who loves Bollywood; eats, drinks and sleeps Bollywood.

You belong to the Salman Khan or the Shah Rukh Fan Club


This is a must. You cannot be a Bollywood fanatic if you do not idolize either of these two superstars.

You are up-to-date with Bollywood fashion


You know which hairstyle Priyanka Chopra sported in her last film or which lehenga Alia Bhatt wore in her debut film? You don’t just follow but also try these fashion trends yourself.

You know all popular dance steps to popular tracks


Be it Sheila Ki Jawani, Badtameez Dil or Tamma Tamma, you know it all and can easily bag a lot of attention with your moves at a Bollywood themed party or at a wedding reception.

Your idea of true love is a Rahul or a Prem (or an Anjali or a Simran)


Because any Tom, Dick or Harry is just not acceptable to you. Your significant other has to have these typical Bollywood characteristics.

You are a winner of every Bollywood quiz


Because you breathe Bollywood. There is nothing that can escape your eyes and ears. Be it songs, movie names, characters, trivia – you are a Bollywood encyclopedia.

You imitate actors while listening to sad songs


We all are guilty of doing this at a certain point. Looking out of the window listening to a sad song and imagining yourself to be all sorrowful and in pain, just like the protagonist in the song.

You are aware of all the upcoming movies


You are an honorary BookMyShow person in your friends circle. You know which movies release when. For you, Friday = movies and nothing can replace it.

You try Bollywood romance with your partner


When with your significant other, you try all your favorite romantic dialogues and hope to impress your partner with all cheesy dialogues like the one below.

Teri aankhon ki namkeen mastiyan…teri hasi ki beparwah gustakhiyan…teri zulfon ki lehrati angdaiyan…nahi bhoolunga main…jab tak hai jaan, jab tak hai jaan

Gosh! We know you are a Bollywood fanatic because it takes one to know one.

Know all the celebrity gossip


Bollywood and gossip are inseparable. So if your friends wish to know the inside gossip about Karan Johar’s birthday bash, they know whom to approach.

Favorite Games- Dumb Charades/Antakshari


While playing these Bollywood themed games, you can literally remember films and songs no one must have even heard of. So you give films like Murde Ki Jaan Khatre Me and sing songs like Jab Tak Rahega Samose Me Aaloo.

Are you one of them? If you are overloaded with all the above skills and qualities, then you are definitely a die-hard Bollywood fan.