Everything is okay when in the world of Hollywood. Over the weekend, celebrity craze reached a whole new level when Vivien Leighs’ dress from the movie Gone With The Wind was auctioned for a hefty price of $ 137,000. The dress worn by Vivien Leigh, who played the role of Scarlett O’Hara, was originally bought decades ago for a mere amount of $20. If everything celebrities touch, turns into gold! If you think this price is extravagant, then you haven’t seen enough. We bring you a list of expensive celebrities’ items that have been up for auction.

1. Marilyn Monroe’s ‘Subway Dress’
Worn by the glamour girl Marilyn Monroe in one of the most iconic scenes in cinema, this halter neck dress was auctioned for a price of $ 4.6 million! Add to it the tax amount, and the estimated price came upto $ 5.52 million.
2. Scarlett Johansson’s dirty tissue
Can you put a price on a dirty piece of tissue – a piece completely drenched in phlegm? If you’re a celebrity, you certainly can! This tissue was sold on eBay for $5300, one week after it was posted online. Ugh, talk about the world’s most expensive tissue!
3. Lady Gaga’s fake fingernail
Known for her unusual fashion statements and distinctive style, Lady Gaga is always under the radar of the fashion police. And one of the most expensive pieces she has worn is a fake nail. The black embellished nail fell off during her show, and was sold on a website for $ 12,000.
4. Justin Bieber’s snake
Before you get any unpleasant thoughts in your mind, let’s just tell you that the singing sensation brought his pet serpent to the MTV music awards, and it became news! The news got more publicity, when he later auctioned it off for charity for an estimated price of $1000. 
5. Justin Timberlake’s half-eaten toast
If you’re a celebrity you don’t have to worry about wasting food, since crazy fans out there are willing to buy even the leftovers from your plate! A 19-year-old N-Sync fan purchased a half-eaten French toast for $3000. The proceedings of it went to Timberlake’s charity. 
6. John Lennon’s tooth
You can love The Beatles, but can you love’em so much that you’d even buy John Lennon’s extracted tooth? One person can! A Canadian-based, Beatles lover purchased legendary singer, John Lennon’s tooth for a price of $ 30,000. 
7. Evils Presley’s locks
In 2002, just a strand of locks from the mega pop star’s head was auctioned for $ 115,000. Talk about celebrities to continue to earn even after their death!
8. Britney Spears’ chewed bubble gum
How’d you like it if your hands accidentally touched chewed bubble gum fallen somewhere? Disgusted? A piece of chewing gum that supposedly belonged to Britney Spears was found at a music concert $ 14,000 on eBay. 
9. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s breath
A jar allegedly containing Brangelina breath was sold for a price of $ 523. Talk about celebrity craze!
So, there you have it. Crazy celebrity items that were sold for exorbitant prices. Is there any item that fancies your interest? Let us know on the comment section, below! 

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