It is hard to not think about Disney when you think of animated movies and fairy tales. They are the pioneers behind all the progress we have seen in animation and continue to leave us in awe with each movie. With changing times and the invention of CGI, Disney movies are coming alive and becoming more magical than ever. Over the years we have seen classic tales like Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast becoming more magical with their live-action movies. Some stories like Maleficient have also been modified with the times and changing the meaning of True Love's Kiss. With movies like The Lion King and Aladdin getting live-action remakes, here are nine more Disney movies that need to be added to the mix.

1. Mulan

Mulan is Disney's 36th animated feature film and was unlike the other fairy tales we had seen at that time. The movie was set in China and it showed no damsel in distress. Instead, we had a lady who would march into a battle. In today's time, this movie as a live-action feature would be very relevant.

2. Frozen

The kids loved this film and the parents could do nothing about it. Elsa is perhaps the most popular Disney princess and the soundtrack of the movie is in everyone's head. Wouldn't it be great to see a live action version of this fantastic story? 

3. Tangled

Tangled was Disney's comeback when it came to animated musicals with a story that melts your heart and a hero who makes your heart beat a little faster. Though we cannot imagine any actor who'd be perfect for Flynn Rider. Nevertheless, we would love to see Maximus in flesh.

4. Moana

One of Disney's recent additions to their vault, this movie again takes you to another land. And you will be lying if you didn't want to see Dwayne Johnson actually playing Maui on screen. We would love that too.

5. Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Among all the Disney princess movies, this gem has been lost. This movie, unlike the Disney norm, is not a musical but it has a solid storyline that takes you on an adventure to remember. With the CGI technology available today, making a live action of this movie should not be very difficult.

6. The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Based on a French novel of the same name, The Hunchback of Notre Dame is an animated musical drama. This movie, which was released during the Disney Renaissance age, is said to be one of Disney's darkest movies. We would love to see it on screen again.

7. Big Hero 6

For everyone who fell in love with Baymax in this movie and cried like babies in the end, you need a live action version of it. Before we get a sequel, we need to see what magic live action brings to this Marvel-Disney caper.

8. Pinocchio

Pinocchio is the second animated movie to be made by Disney and although people remember the character, there are very few who remember this movie. In the era of reboots, this movie deserves to get a live-action revamp.

9. Peter Pan

We love the story of the Darlings' children meeting the Lost Boys and defeating the fearful pirate Captain Hook. With most of the characters being human, it will not be difficult to make a live-action version of this story. Maybe they could get the actor playing Killian Jones from Once Upon A Time to become Captain Hook in the live action movie as well.

Which Disney animated movie would you like to be remade into a live action? Tell us in the comments below and don't forget to share.