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Marvel Studios recently celebrated their 10-year anniversary, calling it the first 10 years. This was surely a message across the galaxy that they are far from done yet. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is ever expanding like our own universe and we love the way they are guiding us through it, step by step. Avengers: Infinity War might be Marvel’s biggest release this year, but before that comes Black Panther, charging to make its own mark. We met T’Challa in Captain America: Civil War, where we were left in awe. The future king of Wakanda is relatively unknown to the non-comic book fans and for them, here are the 15 things you must know before watching Black Panther in theatres on the 16th of February.

1. He is the richest Marvel superhero. 

With an estimated net worth of 500 billion dollars, he ranks first on Screen Rant‘s list of the richest characters in Marvel Universe. So far, we only have seen Tony Stark‘s wealth, but T’ Challa is apparently much richer and smarter than the man in the iron suit. He amassed all this wealth by carefully controlling the distribution of Vibranium – a metal native to his land.
Black Panther

2. Black Panther is the first of his kind.

T’ Challa or Black Panther was the first African superhero in mainstream comics, established in the year 1966 in a Fantastic Four comic book. His appearance in Captain America: Civil War (2016) is extra special because the character completed 50 years in 2016. The character of Black Panther was also changed to Black Leopard briefly so that the comics could prove that there was no connection between them and the Black Panther Party.

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3. He is the hero of Marvel’s first graphic novel.

Panther’s Rage, which is considered Marvel’s first graphic novel, is based on Black Panther with Don McGregor as the head writer. The book is also considered one of the most acclaimed titles among Marvel comic fans. The movie will be Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first step in reaching a more global audience since all its heroes until now have been American (Scarlet Witch excluded).

Like everybody else, I cannot wait until February when the movie of the year comes out. Here is a reading recommendation to keep folks satisfied until then. • • Marvel’s Epic Collection: Panther’s Rage is a must-have. It collects the best of the pre-Christopher Priest Black Panther. It includes his debut in Fantastic Four, but most importantly features his first appearance solo in the titular story Panther’s Rage (which is also Marvel Comics’ first graphic novel). The story introduced Erik “N’Jadaka” Killmonger, T’Challa’s deadliest enemy, who is always just a little bit stronger and smarter than the Black Panther (@michaelbjordan is playing him in the movie). N’Jadaka’s only weakness is his temper and impulsiveness. I hope the movie stays true to that character. This collection also contains a follow-up story where the Black Panther beats-up the KKK, because hell-yeah. • • Panther’s Rage is written by Don McGregor and illustrated by Rich Buckler, Billy Graham (First African-American to work at Marvel) & Klaus Janson (pre-Daredevil). #bookstagram #comics #blackpanther #panthersrage #donmcgregor #richbuckler #klausjanson #graphicnovel #readsoullit #tchalla #erickillmonger #blerd #blerdlife #marvelcomics #marvel #libros #librogramas #revistadehistorietas #cómic #bibliophile #blackmenread #wellreadblackguy

4. Black Panther is a title.

Much like Thor and Phantom, Black Panther is a title given to the leader of the Panther tribe of Wakanda. The title was passed over from his father to T’ Challa and it will be passed over to the next in line when required. In the comics, T’ Challa’s father was killed by Ulysses Klaw (who we met in Age of Ultron) and T’ Challa trained for years after that to become worthy of the title.

5. He is also the King of Undead.

Once briefly, he lost his title to his sister Shuri. But to ensure that he did good with his knowledge and skills, he approached the Panther God, Bast, who was impressed by his sincerity and decided to make him the King of Undead. The title also gave him the power to communicate with all the former Black Panthers.
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6. He is the perfect non-powered superhero.

Before becoming the Black Panther, T’ Challa trained himself in countless martial arts and also has a Ph.D. in Physics. He is considered as one of the seven smartest individuals in the comic verse. It was only after he earned the title that he was allowed to use the herb that gave him super-soldier-like abilities, along with a heightened sense of smell and an ability to see in the darkness like his namesake.Black Panther - BookMyShow

7. This is not the first time a Black Panther movie is planned.

It was the year 1992 when there were first talks of making a Black Panther movie and Wesley Snipes, who was on a roll then, was going to be roped in to play this character. We cannot judge on how that adaptation would have turned out but this one certainly makes you believe that it was perhaps a blessing that we didn’t see that adaptation.
Black Panther

8. This is the first Marvel movie to receive a Time Magazine cover.

From the trailers, the movie looks very different than what we have come to expect of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movie carries a strong political and social message. We have already seen DC doing that with Wonder Woman and that is how Chadwick Boseman as T’ Challa found himself on the cover of Time Magazine. This is a huge step for the MCU in the right direction. 

9. He is getting rave reviews already.

The people and the press who were present at the premiere of Black Panther have already started raving about the movie, earning it a fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes. It seems that Marvel Studios have proven that they are just getting better at this. Peter Debruge from Variety states, “Virtually everything that distinguishes “Black Panther” from past Marvel pics works to this standalone entry’s advantage.” The Hollywood Reporter‘s Todd McCarthy also agrees saying, “With uncanny timing, Marvel takes its superheroes into a domain they’ve never inhabited before and is all the better for it in Black Panther.”

A king will rise. Get your tickets now to see Marvel Studios’ “Black Panther,” in theaters February 16:

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Black Panther is set to hit the theatres this Friday. You can tune into this space for the review of the movie and tell us in comments below about what excites you the most about watching the King of Wakanda in action again.