Sometimes when you see a news item and the whole story is not revealed to you because of security or political reasons, you always wait for a memoir of the person concerned or a movie that might come a decade down the line. Even sportspersons who have inspiring struggle-to-success stories get movies, which reveal their story to the world. These kinds of movies get us very excited because of the simple reason of our curiosity. We really want to know the whole story of what really happened. Sometimes you wouldn’t even realize that you are watching a movie based on a certain incident until you see the words "This is a True Story" flash across the screen. But what if those words were lying.  Yes, there have been instances where you have been dealt with an enticing story of half-truths. The movie is very well-made and well appreciated. But, it is not the true story. Here are some instances of it happening. 

Fargofargo-peter-stormare-steve-buscemi-minThe movie starts with the text which says that it is a true story. But it took 20 years after the release to state that it actually wasn’t. There were two unconnected incidents which were real and a fictitious story was based around it.  The Coen brothers managed to fool us there alright.

Rudymaxresdefault-minA sports classic that is very inspiring and if it actually were true would have helped in restoring our faith in the world. But, it's not. Remember the scene where the team players surrendered their jerseys to let Rudy play? That didn’t happen. The scene where the crowd chants his name? Definitely didn’t happen. Yes, the filmmakers have the creative license. But it should be revoked when they are depicting true events.

Argoben-affleck-argo-movie-image-minThis year we saw a story about India’s biggest rescue of its citizens from a country under war. But this wasn’t the only rescue. There have been several other and some of them using bizarre but effective means like we saw in the movie Argo. But what the movie left out was the contribution of Canadians in this daring rescue. Even Jimmy Carter noticed this fact and didn’t waste any time in letting the audience know about this.

Foxcatcherfoxcatcher-1-minThis movie, unlike the others, has picked up the main plotlines directly from true events but they took liberties when it came to establishing the timeline and the capture of the convict.

American Snipermaxresdefault-1-minThe movie had Bradley Cooper portraying the  titular role, which was based on Chris Kyle’s memoirs only took up the parts that suited the movie and widely exaggerated them to the point of being wrong. For example, his ‘arch-nemesis’ Mustafa was featured only in one paragraph and wasn’t the long-time antagonist he was shown to be. He also didn’t die from the 2000-yard long shot which was considered super long and very difficult to achieve.

The Blind Sidethe-blind-side-1-minWhen you base a movie on someone’s life that person shouldn’t need to publish a memoir after that ‘to set the record straight’. That’s what happened here. Michael Oher had to declare that although the actor had done an excellent job, the movie got a lot of things wrong about him.

Rushrush-movie-2-minBased on Formula One races, this fast-paced flick lets a lot of details get blurred in order to get a great movie story. The bitter rivals James Hunt and Niki Lauda weren’t really so. They were roommates and also drinking buddies. Also, James Hunt has never ever punched a journalist.

Captain Philipscaptain-phillips-1-minA film for which Tom Hanks' performance was greatly appreciated and the real Captain Philips started to be known as a hero until a crew member from the ship spilled the beans. The real Captain Philips had ignored protocols and invited the hijacking. Also, the crew had faced not one, but two hijackings on that particular trip.

A Beautiful Mindchalkboard_abeautifulmind-minBased on the Nobel laureate  John Nash, this movie took a lot of liberties with the truth. He was an instructor at MIT but he never worked for the Defense nor did he work at the Wheeler Laboratory at MIT, simply because it doesn’t exist. He also never gave an acceptance speech but it did tie the movie up with a nice bow.
Saying that a movie is a true story doesn’t really hold much of a value now when it comes to it being translated into a movie. Maybe that’s why there are documentaries. Which other movie has lied to you about being a true story? Tell us in the comments below and don’t forget to share.