Verdict: High octane action and adult comedy keep you hooked.

A lot of mudslinging against the latest Hollywood action comedy buddy cop CHIPS is in news, with everyone going mad about it not being as good as the original TV series. Well, the movie did come as a surprise for the fans of the series and, in a way, that is what makes it more entertaining. Apart from turning the title into ALL CAPS, Dax has meddled here and there and in the end, thus giving the audiences a raunchy script full of sex comedy, cars flying, hot female cops, bike stunts, peppy background score and daredevil action sequences.

Meet Jon Baker (Dax Shepard), a middle-aged former X-games motorcycle champ who, in a desperate attempt to save his marriage, ends up enrolling in the California Highway Patrol department. On the other side in Miami is a rather obnoxious character (Michael Pena), an FBI agent, who later assumes a new identity of Frank Poncherello or Ponch to crack an inside criminal clout. The two are assigned the task of investigating a multimillion-dollar heist, found to be perpetrated by five inside officers. Jon, as the rookie, has an unpleasant first meeting with his senior partner and this is where Ponch’s homophobic behavior is first revealed. What bombards you for the next one and a half hour is a lot of adult comedy, sexist comments, bike chasing sequences (featuring the amazingly beautiful Ducati models), Freudian jokes, a couple of gory scenes and a miscast villain in a clearly messed up plot.

Both the characters are likable, though. Dax’s innocent yet endearing personality needs a special mention. Michael Pena’s character manages to make us laugh but his heightened libido and testosterone levels will make you cringe throughout the film. The others like Vincent D'Onofrio, Adam Brody and Rosa Salazar in their supporting characters, do not impress much. Although, they cannot be held responsible for that, as the script did not ask more of them. The cinematography is decent with visuals of the city’s expanse, high-octane bike chasing, and action shots filling the audience’s cinematic appetite at right intervals.

To sum it up, the film has a lot of mature content and therefore isn’t a family watch at all. Though the plot contains a lot of loopholes, had Dax made the plot a little bit intriguing to make audiences guess the villains, the film would have garnered much more praise. Also, a fresh perspective is what is needed to enjoy the movie, as the fans' expectations from the film is probably what let them down.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

If you are a Dhoom franchise fan or someone who enjoys adult comedy in addition to hot bikers and bikes, peppered with action sequences that remind you of Rohit Shetty films, then CHIPS might just give you the adrenaline rush you looking for.