Review:  This fifth installment of the Die Hard series is possibly the least impressive of the lot. It may be action- packed, but mindless action pleases very few. Even if Bruce Willis is wielding the firearms. The story is unoriginal and weak, the screenplay is random with no justifications to character behavior.  Madness for the sake of madness, action for the sake of action. Some of the action set-pieces are good, no doubt. But, how many times are the protagonists going to come out of fatal situations unhurt? There is a limit to the number of times you can fool the audience. Die Hard fans are not going to be pleased.

In A Good Day To Die Hard, Officer John McClane (Bruce Willis) travels to Moscow to help his estranged son Jack who is supposedly under trial for several crimes. Turns out, like father, like son. Jack is an undercover CIA agent. Despite not having seen his father for years, Jack is not too happy to see him now either. As soon as John arrives, he ruins the entire operation his son had been working on. But father and son soon unite and start killing bad guys by the second. Well that’s about it. There is a plot, something about a nuclear-weapons heist. But that hardly matters; there are too many buildings blowing up, choppers butchering humans, guns being fired by our heroes all over the place. Too much distraction, you will hardly notice anything else. Even the few tender dialogues between Jack and John sound so forced, they are rather funny.

Logic would say, it is high-time this series is brought to an end. But this is not how John McClane should be sent off. I say, make another one, a better one, McClane deserves a better send off so we can all say “Yippee ki-yay, [email protected]?ker!”

Verdict: A good time to let this series die.

Movie Details
Release Date: Feb 22, 2013
Director: John Moore
Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
Run time: 1 hr 37 mins
Writer: Skip Woods, Roderick Thorp
Language: English
Cast & Crew: Bruce Willis, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jai Courtney, Patrick Stewart, Megalyn Echikunwoke, Yuliya Snigir, Cole Hauser , Amaury Nolasco, Anne Vyalitsyna, Sebastian Koch, Rasha Bukvic

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