The Swat Valley is an alluring valley in the Khyber Pakhtunwala province of Pakistan. With the majestic Hindukush range of mountains, this district is renowned for its captivating beauty. This valley houses breathtaking mountains, lush green meadows and plenty of lakes. In addition to its treasures, this valley also houses the dreaded Taliban. Exactly 18 years ago this very valley produced an exemplary personality, a heroine. She is a proud Pashtun and an equally proud Pakistani. She is a stranger to fear and an embodiment of courage. Named by her beloved father, after an Afghan heroine known for her valour, she is Malala

Malala Yousoufzai has traversed  a long journey after being shot by the Taliban in the forehead when she was all of 15. Her crime being advocacy of educational rights for girls in Swat going against the rule imposed by Taliban that denied women their right to education. Her extraordinary story from a fierce school girl to a Nobel Peace Prize winner has been inked as a memoir and goes by the name of I Am Malala. We will soon witness her arduous journey even more closely in the much awaited documentary film by Davis Guggenheimwhich has been aptly named, He Named Me Malala . This encompasses her life in Swat, the attack by the Taliban to where she stands now.
Currently residing in England, Malala today stands for bravery and perserverance. She became the youngest recipient of the revered Nobel Peace Prize in 2014. Not so loved by all back home, this young activist dreams of returning to her beloved motherland someday. Her father is right. She is indeed special. She is a special child with a purpose- to arm the world with education. Her very first speech at the UN amazed all. For you don’t hear every 16-year-old say, "One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world".
People are always attracted by emotions and novelty. A story so poignant, so inspiring and so phenomenal can expect only good assessment when it hits the theatres this October. The trailer has garnered an astounding seven million plus hits. There is very little room for doubt that this film like the protagonist will inspire millions across the globe. Check out the trailer below.