A minute-long short film by Guillaume Renusson, A Minute Of Silence is an excellent film that has picked up awards all over the world. Filminute International Film Festival, Honk Kong International Mobile Film Award, Mobile Film Festival, Paris are some of the festivals where it won the best film award.  

Short Film

The story written by Clément Peny & Guillaume Renusson begins with a scene of a family gathered around a table, praying for their grandfather who is in a coma. They are keeping a minute of silence. In that one minute of silence what comes out is a shattering revelation. There are five people including two kids. The kids are the ones that take the story forward. It is amazing to see such strong performances by the boys. 

A Minute Of Silence tackles the issue of child-abuse and how families often turn a blind eye to such incidents, just to uphold their family name. In a country like ours, incidents like these occur more than we realize. 
This short film was an entry to the Mobile Film festival, and has been shot entirely on a mobile. The film is on-point and delivers its message beautifully. Watch the short film below.