Kareena Kapoor Khan is all set to move into her beautiful dream home by Christmas this year. The actress, along with her husband, Saif Ali Khan, has personally taken care of every small detail in her new home. She says the house is spacious and roomy and will be her family home, where her whole family will be welcome. The house will be fully ready in another couple of months. And we are sure it’ll be lovely considering Kareena and Saif’s great taste, and love for the finer things in life. But while their home gets ready, we have found five other Bollywood celeb homes that evoke insane jealousy and make us go “I want!”
The Bachchan house – Jalsa
The filmy Bachchan Khandaan lives in this beautiful 112-crore bungalow. The house is a large double-storeyed structure and covers an area of 10,125 square feet with a lovely lawn- in the heart of real-estate-deprived Mumbai!
Shah Rukh Khan’s abode – Mannat
Mannat – the famous Bandra mansion where fans are always waiting to catch a glimpse of King Khan is as amazing inside as it is outside. The house is estimated to be worth over 200 crores, and has been declared a heritage site! Yes… you read that right. 
John Abraham’s penthouse
His house has been beautifully designed by his brother and father. The house is magnificent with plush interiors, exquisite landscaping and a view of the Arabian Sea that many would kill for! 
The Kapoor family’s Krishna Raj
Before moving in with girlfriend Katrina Kaif, Ranbir Kapoor used to stay at this quaint off-white Pali Hill bungalow along with his parents Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor
Shilpa Shetty Kundra’s Taj Mahal
If you thought we were only talking about Mumbai houses, you’re wrong. Shilpa’s enchanting bungalow in Britain is called Taj Mahal and rightly so! The 100-crore tag, the lush garden and the elegant looks make it a fine house to lust after.
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