Unlike other actors in Bollywood, Aamir Khan is also known for experimenting with different looks in his movies. If he can be the uber-cool guy with a goatee (Dil Chahta Hai), he can also be the intense rebel with long hair and macho-moochh in Mangal Pandey. You name it, and Aamir Khan does it!

Known to be very versatile and choosy while doing films, Aamir Khan will be now seen as a bad-ass clown thief in Dhoom 3 releasing on December 20. And yes, we all are super excited!
So, what’s in store for his fans this time?
Being a perfectionist in every sense, this time also Aamir Khan did a lot of trial and error before finalizing his look.
From going blonde (Thanks to the stylist for not approving it!) to trying out colored-hair extensions, Aamir tried almost everything. But finally, he chose a sleek chic hairstyle which perfectly matched the character. Also after some of the legendary characters like Charlie Chaplin, Malcolm McDowell’s character Alex in Clockwork Orange, Detectives Thomson and Thompson from TinTin, now it is Aamir Khan’s turn to wear the famous Bowler hat.
Check out the video of Aamir Khan’s rigorous styling session here.

This time, the audience will witness Aamir Khan doing some really kick-ass stunts and romancing the Barbie Doll of Bollywood, Katrina Kaif. The poster of Dhoom 3 featuring Aamir Khan is already successfully wooing the ladies out there. And why not, Aamir Khan has gone through extreme workout sessions to attain the chiseled physique and the flexibility of a gymnast.
Even before Dhoom 3, Aamir Khan has always surprised the audience with his look in the movies.
The guy-next-door from Dil Chahta Hai: The goatee made a sensation among the entire youth population of India. But Aamir Khan was the best. The goatee perfectly brought out the spiciness of his character in the movie which was naughty, sexy and so charming.
The tattooed, bald passionate lover in Ghajini: And then came the 8 pack abs! Yes, it was Aamir Khan. Who can forget the tattooed, bald lover in Bollywood who was on a mission to take revenge? Aamir really pulled out the best in him in the movie. Here we are not talking only about the looks but also acting which was mindblowing.
The street-smart college guy look in 3 Idiots: So what if Aamir Khan is the implacable lover in Ghajini? He can also be a witty college-going guy with a take on almost everything. It was actually hard to imagine a 45 year-old man playing the role of a college kid. But yes, Aamir Khan did it again!
The perfect school teacher from Taare Zameen Par: If only all the school teachers were like Aamir Khan (just a thought… sigh!). He had a spiky Mohawk cut for this movie and looked absolutely stunning. A perfect teacher on whom all girls can have ‘that’ secret crush.
The rebellious crusader in Mangal Pandey: The Rising: Here Aamir Khan was seen sporting long hair and a big mustache as he played the character of Mangal Pandey. Though the movie wasn’t a sensational Box Office turnout, the actor’s look as Mangal Pandey sure did create news headlines.
So, these were some of Aamir Khan’s looks in his previous movies. Hope everyone is all set to meet Sahir, the Clown Thief from Dhoom 3. Buckle up, here comes an all-new Aamir Khan to entertain you!

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