Most Absurd Movies Hollywood Has Made

More often than not, movies make sense. They might be good or they might be bad, but you can tell the story to someone and they'll know what you're talking about. And then there are movies that are too absurd to be explained. They embrace their weirdness and make little to no sense at all. If you have to watch these movies, you need to throw any expectations you might have out of the window. There's no use questioning why and what. You just have to accept it and take the movie for what it is. These are some of the most absurd movies Hollywood has made. 

The Lobster
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In a world where you are only given 45 days to find a romantic partner or you'd be turned into an animal, a newly-single man (Colin Farrell) has to go to a hotel to find someone. To extend their stay, people can hunt down and tranquilize 'loners' who stay in the woods. And, it only gets weirder from here. 

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A sentient tire (yes, like those of a car) named Robert kills people with its telekinetic abilities. The tire becomes obsessed with a woman who he can't seem to be able to kill. What's more, the fourth wall is also broken in the film so you know that they know that it's a nonsensical film

Swiss Army Man
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A suicidal man, Hank (Paul Dano) finds a corpse (Daniel Radcliffe). And befriends him. And finds out he can use the dead man as a Swiss Army knife. He goes on to teach the corpse how to live as he slowly becomes alive again. 

Being John Malkovich
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An office employee (John Cusack) located on the 7-and-a-half floor finds a door that goes into the mind of an actor, John Malkovich (who is actually played by the actor John Malkovich). What does he do next? Charge money for others to go through the door, of course. 

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We don't know what's more absurd, that there's a movie about a tornado that takes the sharks from the water and rains them over L.A. or the fact that four of them. At some point in the movie, a shark latches itself to a helicopter and someone falls from the helicopter into the shark's mouth. Need we say more? 

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