Every year, we continue to watch actors giving great performances on screen and admire them for the character they play. Mostly as cinema-lovers, we become their fans and eagerly await their next movie. For sure, these are the actors who have a natural talent or immense sincerity or both, which get them the admiration and affection they truly deserve. But not all are the best ones. Even among actors there exists a hierarchy. Some are the best while some are average (while some are bad too). But it is interesting to observe what an actor brings on screen when he plans to take up the camera in his hand and make a movie.        

Movies are full of evidences where the actors have made a successful transition to directing and have excelled it it. For sure, they bring some thing to the movie which a director without an acting background won’t be able to inject in his/her work. The aspects are fairly intangible. Well, for now these are the few factors that surfaced while thinking about this new-found role of an actor. For example, the previous year’s Academy Award winner, Argo is directed by Ben Affleck who is also a writer and an actor. Clint Eastwood is a Hollywood superstar who has made successful and entertaining films, and also won an Oscar for Million Dollar Baby in 2004. Sophia Coppola acted in the Masterpiece, that his father, Francis Ford Coppola directed. After Godfather, she decided to write and direct films when she grew up and made one of the most-enduring and heartfelt romance about love and longing. The movie was Lost In Translation and instantly established Sofia as one of the young talents to watch out for.     
The list is a long one and if one tries to enlist all of them who have made a transition to film direction, it is going to be a really long one. One more factor which I guess works in the favor of actors stepping behind the camera is that often they must have got bored of being infront of the camera, and emoting all the time. And it is a no-brainer to recognize that creativity is always searching for new outlets. What better way to find this creative urge than to make movies?     
I just happen to remember that a long time back, I was watching a late night movie on TV and there is this line that that the Hero whispers in his beloved’s ear, "Baby, your smile is the most amazing thing I have seen in my life". Funnily, in a winsome manner, I would like to remember this line as "Baby, cinema is the most amazing thing I have seen in my life, live it!"

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