Action Jackson is essentially an item number in search of a story. The first half of the film is disconnected sequences of action, comedy and romance randomly strung together. And when the plot finally kicks in, it is so fantastically ridiculous that you have to ask – what have we – enthusiastic, loyal, passionate lovers of Hindi cinema – done to deserve this? 

The film is a showcase for Ajay Devgn who lords over every frame. As AJ, the right hand man of a dreaded mafia don in Bangkok, Ajay struts and postures, mostly shirtless. Reams of newsprint has already been expended on how Ajay achieved the necessary ripples in his body for the film – we were told, that at one point  the actor did not drink water for five days because he wanted to get the perfect taut look. That's admirable but I wondered: how did this two-time National-award winning actor make sense of the cartoonish script?  

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