It is often believed that the younger one starts to work towards his or her dream of becoming an actor, the better are the chances of actually making it big. There are, however, a few brilliant actors who devoted most part of their lives to cinema but only gained recognition at a much later stage in their careers, almost making it seem like they have never been young and struggling! But, of course they have!

These celebrated performers didn't achieve their success until after years of auditioning away, playing minor roles and rejection. Here is a list of five such actors who proved that it is never too late to make it big.

Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman, one of the most respected figures in American cinema, became popular at the age of 50 after his work in the film Street Smart (1987).

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Maggie Smith
Smith had already won accolades in her 30s, however, she became better known in her 60s for starring in the Harry Potter films.

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Ian McKellen
It was The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2011), where Ian played Gandalf, that really made the actor a household name. He was 62 at that time.

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Judi Dench
It was only when Dench starred in the seventeenth film of the James Bond series, that she rose to international fame. Judi was 61 at the time.

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Alan Rickman
Alan Rickman made it big at the age of 42 when Die Hard (1988) came his way.

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