Alec Baldwin made his Hollywood debut 30 years ago, and today, the great actor turns 59. The prolific actor is known for many things and impersonations are just one of them. Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump impersonation on Saturday Night Live quickly became one of the most controversial impersonations ever, especially when Trump himself tweeted about it. Alec Baldwin plays The Boss Baby in his latest movie. It might just be a voice role, but it will still remind you of Baldwin's impersonation of the U.S. President. The SNL Trump sketch wasn't the only time we saw Baldwin's hidden talent for impersonations, here are some more times he showcased this skill: 

Robert DeNiro 

Joe Pesci Show was a skit SNL ran in the 1990s. Joe Pesci would be often accompanied by his friend, Robert DeNiro. Alec Baldwin perfected his Robert DeNiro impersonation so well that you'd have a hard time seeing the difference between the two. Don't believe us? Have a look.


Tony Bennett

In another SNL skit, Alec Baldwin took on the role of impersonating another celebrity – Tony Bennett. Tony Bennett is an American singer who made it big in the 50s and 60s and made a comeback in the late 80s. On his 90th birthday, Alec Baldwin paid a tribute to the legendary singer.


Tracy Morgan 

In a 2011 appearance on Conan, Alec Baldwin did an impression of his co-star from the NBC office sitcom, 30 Rock. Baldwin played the role of Jack Donaghy on the show, but his Tracy Morgan impersonation had us convinced that he could have easily played the role of Tracy with no sweat.


Donald Trump

Baldwin's Trump impersonation has become so iconic that no matter where you see him do it, it will be instantly recognizable. On his appearance on The Tonight Show, he impersonated Trump while playing a game with the late-night show host Jimmy Fallon and it quickly became a duel between the two, who could do it best.

We wish Alec Baldwin a happy birthday and hope to see more great movies like The Boss Baby from him in the future.