The buzz for Imtiaz Ali’s Highway is catching up fast, and the curiosity amongst the audience is rising with each passing minute. Everybody who has watched Imtiaz Ali’s previous films want to watch this road romance, very much told in the filmmaker’s own style. The striking thing about the movie is that the film has one of the most interesting casts of the recent times in Hindi movies. Alia Bhatt in the role of Veera and Randeep Hooda as Mahabir will be seen in the movie, falling in love and finding the true essence of life. This perfectly sounds like a coming-of-age romance about discovering the meaning of our lives when we expect it the least.

Recently at an event held in Mumbai, Bollywood’s new sensation Alia Bhatt, director Imtiaz Ali and the music director A.R. Rahman, addressed the media. After all, the presence of A.R.Rahman was important, as he made a surprise announcement on the occasion. Everybody was curious to know what the surprise was going to be. Finally, he came on stage and revealed that a song in the movie is sung by the beautiful budding actress, Alia Bhatt. He added that it is a lullaby and both he and Imtiaz Ali felt that if Alia sings it in her own voice, it would feel more natural. ‘Sooha Saha’ is the name of the song. In the movie, Veera (Alia Bhatt) sings it while on the road journey and it reminds Mahabir (Randeep Hooda) of his own childhood in the movie. So poignant, and when the movie is directed by Imtiaz Ali and the music is given by the legend himself, it is guaranteed that this one too will be much loved and appreciated by the audience. 
Imtiaz’s movies have always featured really nice songs and Rockstar had some really great tracks. Alia said that it is really a one-of-a-kind experience, singing for the maestro and it has helped her rediscover herself is a way that it is difficult for most people to understand. Her innocence and honesty was so genuine that it touched the audience. At the same time, A.R Rahman and Imtiaz Ali answered the questions and talked more about the music and the movie. We hope that Highway becomes yet another success and easily secures its place in the hearts of people with its flavor of romance, great music and folklore touch of rural India.


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