Trapped..memories erased..and the only way out for them was to solve the maze..Last year this month, a group of teenagers  embarked on the most baffling journey of their lives in the Maze Runner. With the film going on to become one of the highest  grossers  of 2014, a sequel was anticipated. The reason was of course, the super thrilling climax of the film. Is it any wonder that people couldn’t wait for more?

For those who’ve been under a rock for the past one year, we have a quick recap for you! Hurry, join the mission ’cause Thomas and his fellow Gladers are all set for Phase Two.

(Note – Spoilers ahead for those who haven’t watched the first installment yet!)
Quick Recap:
With no memory of the past, Thomas wakes up to find himself trapped in the  Glade, a place that lies in the centre of a maze. Baffled and furious, he refuses to stay where he is and convinces the fellow Gladers to rebel against the WCKD (the creators of the Maze). And yes, they succeed.
What’s Next:
Thomas and the other Gladers are out, content to have survived the terrifying maze, but they don’t realize the game is not over yet. Though the teenagers have succeeded in getting away from  The Glade, they now have to survive in  the deserted outside world – the  Scorch. Will they all succeed again?
There’s a New Villain:
Game of Thrones  fans rejoice, ’cause  Aidan Gillen  is all set to turn antagonist for this edge-of-the-seat-thriller. Watch the star as he sets up a deadly trap for the Gladers, along with  Patricia Clarkson  (lead antagonist).
The Gladers Unite:
The original cast featuring  Dylan O’BrienThomas Brodie-Sangster,  Ki Hong Lee  and Kaya Scodelario  are all set to reprise their respective roles in the film. With the sequel promising to be more intense and dark, we can’t wait to watch them back on the big screen.
It’s going to be a Thrilling Affair:
Prepare yourselves, ’cause unlike the first part, The Scorch Trials is going to be way more intense, electrifying and action-packed as it progresses. Yup, a perfect film to sizzle up your boring weekend.
So, what are you waiting for? Go experience the thrill on the big screen!