Your favorite heist movies, the Ocean’s series, gets an interesting spinoff and it’s called Ocean’s Eight. A hint of the movie's plot has not been revealed yet but when you look at the first official photo from this movie, you know that a badass heist movie is coming your way in 2018. There’s still some time before this film to hit the theaters, but when you read about all those who are going to be a part of this Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow Pictures film, you will definitely not be able to contain your excitement. So, without any further delay, we bring you all the scoop about this movie from all over the internet. Read on to find out.

All-Women’s club – Who wouldn’t want to join them?!
Ocean's Eight First look
Meet the characters:

Sandra Bullock – Debbie Ocean
She will be playing the sister of Danny Ocean (as made famous by George Clooney)Sandra Bullock
Rihanna – Nine Ball
Do you remember when Rihanna and Sarah Paulson’s “don’t touch my hair” picture went viral on the internet? Now we know what all that was about.

Cate Blanchett – Lou
Cate Blanchett
Anne Hathaway – Daphne Kluger
Anne Hathaway
Mindy Kaling – Amita
Mindy Kaling
Helena-Bonham Carter – Rose
Helena-Bonham Carter
Sarah Paulson – Tammy
Sarah Paulson
Awkwafina – Constance
Matt Damon – Linus Caldwell
Matt Damon
Interesting Cameos
Who doesn’t love cameos? It’s always fun to spot celebrities in movies when you least expect it. And it’s rumored that there are cameos galore in Ocean’s Eight. The film will feature a scene replicating the Met Gala and you will get to see some of the famous celebrities, designer, and models make an appearance on screen. So, get ready to spot Katie HolmesAnna WintourKim Kardashian WestKendall JennerTygaZayn MalikJames CordenTommy Hilfiger, and
many more celebrities in this movie.
Who’s the director?
The director of The Hunger GamesGary Ross will be directing this film while Steven Soderbergh, director of the Ocean’s trilogy, and George Clooney will be producing it.

Gary Ross
When does it release?
The movie is said to release on June 8, 2018. Now, don’t you want 2017 to pass by quickly?! We totally get it.