Verdict: A delightful, modern addition to the Alvin and the Chipmunks franchise.

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip takes you on a comically vibrant journey all the way from Los Angeles to Miami, with an entertaining break at New Orleans. The timely celebrity appearances (by Retta, Jennifer Coolidge, Uzo Aduba, Redfoo and John Waters) and the chipmunked versions of popular songs like Uptown Funk and Turn Down For What complement the average storyline of the film.
The film, with a runtime of 92 minutes, begins with the three chipmunks; Alvin, Simon and Theodore recklessly enjoying a party they arranged at their record producer/struggling guardian, Dave Seville’s (Jason Lee), house. They are soon introduced to Dave’s new love, Samantha (Kimberly-Williams Paisley), as his children. Dave then invites her on a trip to Miami, where he is suspected to propose to her. Samantha’s bratty son, Miles (Josh Green), is an entertaining, new addition to the pack, and is left behind to ‘bond’ with the chipmunks. At first, Miles is extremely mean to the chipmunks, but gradually accepts and enjoys their company as his brothers on a road trip adventure. The story, somewhat messy, is a road-trip-chip, termed as the ‘No Proposal’ mission, that the four kids set out on to prevent the union of their parents. The elements of humor and surprise are added to the film by Agent James Suggs (Tony Hale), who chases them throughout the film. The essence of the film is the father-child bond shared by Dave and the chipmunks, which in turn enlightens Miles and reassures him of family love.
The chip-combo are as usual Alvin (voiced by Justin Long) – a charming, mischievous pest, Simon (voiced by Matthew Gray Gubler) – a sharp know-it-all, and Theodore (voiced by Jesse McCartney) – an oversensitive, lazy, hungry twerp. The new addition, Miles, undergoes a personality shift throughout the film; from being a rude and insensitive boy to being a loving brother to the chipmunks.
The characters of Dave and Samantha may not be the stars in the film, but hold a place at the heart of the film. The chipettes make a special appearance at the end, performing another fascinating original along with the chipmunks. The ‘Police of the sky’, Agent James, is a sly, wicked and unpleasant character who loathes the chipmunks, especially after they "turn his plane into Noah’s ark"! 
Directed by Walt Becker, the up side to the film is the chuckle-worthy humor and the musical performances by the chipmunks, in their patented, unique style. The gripping music by Mark Mothersbaugh is definitely the most interesting thing to look out for in the film, after the slapstick comedy and adorable visuals of the three chipmunks, especially Theodore.
Why You Should Watch This Movie:
With the chipmunks’ silliness making you smile at intervals of the film, it’s a pretty chipping movie for a chipping audience. Overall, a fun one time watch.
– By Mrinal Masand