Vir Das‘ upcoming film, Amit Sahni Ki List, is a modern take on the classic head-versus-heart dilemma. The film chronicles the titular character’s search for true love using his mental checklist. His world turns upside down when he meets two girls – one who checks all the boxes and her exact opposite.

It looks like a girl who checks all the boxes might be difficult to find. A movie that checks all the boxes, not so much. Here are 9 reasons why Amit Sahni Ki List will be perfect for the weekend:

1. Vir Das plays Amit to the T. He is the picture of the brilliant, yet confused 20-something man in the search for love. If his past performances are any indication, Das will bring comic timing, charm and sincerity to his portrayal of Amit Sahni.

2. Amit Sahni Ki List passes on all the melodrama that has ruined many a good film. The film promises to bring together Vir Das‘ brilliance and a script that will make you smile.

3. Kavi Shastri is bound to deliver witty zingers that will make us laugh till we drop. We’ve already heard one gem in the trailer: "Exact recipe se bread banti hai, ladki nahi milti".

4. Amit Sahni Ki List talks about the hard-working youth of today who will only settle down with the right person. Can’t we all relate to that?

5. Moreover, it accurately portrays the perils of dating in a world of social media and websites like Tinder.

6. We all know how funny Vir Das is, but now we’ll get to see another side of the comedian. Yes, Vir Das turns singer for Amit Sahni Ki List. In addition to serenading his leading ladies, he will also sing an anti-love song that he penned!

7. Kavi Shastri and Vir Das have made theatre audiences laugh out loud with History of India – VIRitten. The duo will now take their bromance to the silver screen!

8. Vega Tamotia and Vir Das‘ sizzling chemistry will be the icing on an already-delicious cake.

9. More than anything else, Amit Sahni Ki List is a film with a sweet message. It teaches us to make mistakes and learn from them because life is too short and unpredictable to waste.

Want to take that cute girl to a movie this weekend? Well, you’ve found your film!

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