The year 2013 is nearing to its end and by far, this year has been a satisfying one for film-lovers and audiences all over the world. We got to see a lot of films dealing with various subjects and a plenty of them were made with a fresh vision and uncompromising honesty. This is what every movie-lover looks out for and gets excited about after watching a genuine film. We look back and pick 5 of the best films of 2013 so far. Not to say that movies which are not listed here are inferior films than those which happen to be on this list: 

Gravity: Alphonso Cuaron does it again. The man who gave us critically-acclaimed films such as Y Tu Mamá También (2001), and Children of Men (2006) directs this science-fiction and has excelled completely. Gravity got instant acclaim and is a major hit with both the critics and audience.



Django Unchained: Whatever Tarantino makes, he makes it in style. After his World War II saga, Inglourious Basterds (2009), he writes and directs this American-Western in his own style. Django Unchained is by far, the most commercially successful film of Tarantino and has earned a dedicated fan following.



Stoker: Heard of Park Chan Wook? The man who made the modern classic Old Boy (2003), the film on which the Bollywood-remake, Zinda is based on.

Stoker is another feat in the resume of the director. The story of a girl who gets attracted to her uncle and at the same time suspects his ulterior motives. The film earned rave reviews and is labeled as a ‘disturbingly good movie’ frequently, classic Chan Wook style.




The Place Beyond the Pines: Ryan Gosling is continuously achieving greater heights with his roles and has established his brooding and disturbed persona as his alter-ego on screen. After the modern classic Drive (2011), he again gives a great performance in a great movie which largely deals with morality and inner demons.



Trance: Danny Boyle who earned worldwide fame with his Oscar-winning masterpiece, Slumdog Millionaire (2008), has scored another brilliant trip this time. This British psychological-thriller tells the story of an art auctioneer who gets entangled with a group of criminal partners with the purpose of rescuing a lost painting. Trance has all the elements of a Danny Boyle movie in its place. Stylish, funny and trippy, Trance plays the game of fast and lose with the reality.





Hope you enjoyed this post. Watch this space for 5 of the best foreign-language films which managed to entertain and impress both the audience and the critics this year.

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