Verdict: A terrifying film that will make you throw away your rag dolls.

If you walked out of Annabelle all disappointed back in 2014, here’s some solace coming your way. Actually, it’s much more than just solace as Annabelle: Creation proves to be mighty superior than its predecessor. While that’s not saying much, this film manages to keep you hooked and terrified; effects of which still linger even after watching the movie.

Directed by David F. Sandberg, the man behind the Lights Out (both the short film and commercial one) has come back to give you the jitters with Annabelle: Creation. If you have been deeply immersed in the Conjuring universe, you know what awaits you. But if you are one of those who enjoys occasional horror movies then let us summarize for you a few pointers before you go for this.

Annabelle is the name of the evil doll which acts as the conduit for a demon. Annabelle: Creation takes place before the movie Annabelle. In short, it’s a prequel to the prequel where we discover the evil’s origin. Also, this movie ties up with Annabelle (2014) seamlessly towards the end so make sure you catch that before watching this (at least the first 20 mins or so).

The plot unravels itself rather slowly. Mr. Mullens (Anthony LaPaglia) and Mrs. Mullen (Miranda Otto) are a happy countryside couple with a lovely daughter named Bee Mullins (Samara Lee). Everything is sunny and rosy for the trio until Bee is involved in an accident. The loss of their beautiful daughter forces the Mullens to go into solitary until 12 years later when they finally open their arms to accept 6 orphans girls. This is when the dormant demonic entity takes a liking towards Janice (Talitha Bateman).

Annabelle: Creation can be described as a slow burner. The pacing through the first half is slow but crucial since it introduces you to a bunch of new characters and their backstories. This can be a downside for a few but it’s essential to the plot as it helps establish an emotional connection with these girls, especially Janice and Linda (Lulu Wilson). There are a few occasional scares in the first half that keeps you on your toes but as the plot thickens things get ugly. 

Talitha Bateman and Lulu Wilson are the scene-stealers by a huge margin as the majority of the film relies heavily on their emotional bond. The rest of the cast, though essential to drive the plot ahead is forgettable if not outstanding. Every scene with the two girls is either an ‘aww’ moment or downright scary. 

As a whole, Annabelle: Creation does qualify as a solid film that should make your heart leap out of your chest but like any other film, it does suffer from the usual horror tropes. There are a few jump scares which, though used effectively, can put off people who have an aversion towards the same.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

If you are a fan of the Conjuring movies then you should book your tickets regardless. If you were disappointed in the previous Annabelle movie then this is a massive upgrade. If you enjoy occasional horror movies, this works wonders, even as a standalone movie.

If you still need more reasons to watch the movie, then check this video out.