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Annoying Kids from Movies That Can Give You a Headache

If kids are in a good mood, they can be super adorable and friendly. That’s the best time to bond with them and gain their trust. And if you can successfully do that, you are taken to your childhood and get a chance to relive all the fun memories. But if the kids are in a bad mood or are getting cranky about random things, you might just get a headache while trying to calm them down. When that happens, no matter how hard you try to use logic to explain things to them, it will not work. Kids are a major responsibility and not everyone can handle it.

This fear of taking responsibility and growing up gets even more stronger when you watch how annoying some of the kids in movies can be. Even if you dream of having kids one day, these characters can plant a seed of doubt in your mind and make you rethink your options. Wondering about these characters? Read on to find out.

Dennis Mitchell – Dennis The Menace
He is the cutest and the innocent kid from the lot and because of his curious nature, he unwillingly ends up causing a lot of trouble. With him around, you cannot afford to take your eyes off him even for a second.

Dudley Dursley – The Harry Potter series
This character will make you leave a mental note for yourself – not to excessively pamper your kids. You never know when they feel entitled to everything and end up being disrespectful to everyone around them.

Rachel – War of the Worlds
Everyone hates it when anyone screams on top of their lungs. But the way Rachel does it, it makes you believe in the devil. To be fair, she and her family were attacked by aliens but all the screaming doesn't help when you are trying to find a way to escape. So if you want kids, get used to all the screaming, whining, and crying that come along with it. 

Samuel – The Babadook
If you thought Rachel made your ears bleed, you haven’t met Samuel from The Babadook. This kid is super-hyper, screams a lot, loves to read scary creepy books, makes weapons, scares people with magic tricks, and yes, screams a lot (did we mention that?). The only good thing about him is that he loves his mom and does everything to protect her from the Babadook.

Junior – Problem Child
The name of the movie pretty much sums it up. Junior is a very smart kid but he doesn’t fit in with everyone and so he gets bullied easily. But that doesn’t break him, he gets even with everyone (child or adult) who try to mess with him. He can really make your life hell. So beware.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Every kid in this movie apart from Charlie has an issue. Augustus is the glutton, Veruca is the rich and spoilt brat, Violet is the highly competitive one, and Mike Teavee is the aggressive one. If you compare them to Charlie, everyone seems so rude and you automatically develop a soft spot for Charlie.

So, which of these movies have you seen? Do you agree with our list? Comment below to let us know.