Verdict: A fun ride strictly for its target audience.

It is a rarity of sorts to see four ladies playing the lead roles in a movie that has a bold theme. The dialogues and a few scenes showcased in the trailer have certainly created a sense of intrigue among the audience. Let’s see if the debutante director Baalu Adusumilli is able to meet their expectations.

What’s Anukunnadi Okati Ayindi Okkati about:

Dhanya (Dhanya Balakrishna), a corporate employee, Siddhi (Siddhi Idnani), a housewife, Tridha (Tridha Choudhury), a journalist, and Komalee (Komlee Prasad), a costume designer are four close friends who go to Goa to attend their friend’s wedding. For fun, these girls get high and decide to hire a male stripper for a night. Things take a U-turn when one of the girls accidentally kills him. This leads to a set of unforeseen events that must be witnessed on the silver screen.

What Works:

We rarely see bold content movies in Telugu and Anukunnadi Okati Ayindi Okkati comes as a wave of freshness to viewers watching Telugu movies. With an interesting concept at hand, writer and director Baalu Adusumilli has used it to his full extent in portraying the boldness along with the thrilling elements and a fun factor. All the girls – Dhanya, Siddhi, Tridha, and Komalee – are beautiful and gave their best in their respective roles. Himaja of the Bigg Boss fame is at her wittiest best in the stammering character. Sameer does a decent job in the role of a cop. Debutante director has written a perfect story that has the potential to show boldness, comedy and as well as add the thrill factor. He has succeeded in getting the script right but the narrative has more scope for perfection. The music and background score by Vikas Badisa help in setting the right tone for the movie. The photography by Shekar Ganganmoni is good and the Goa visuals have been done really well. Editor Mani Kanth keeps the movie crisp. The production values by B&W Pictures and Poorvi Pictures are good.

What Could Have Been Better:

While the movie has an interesting plot, there is a lag in the narration. The bold dialogues and scenes might attract a section of youth but will keep the family audience away.

Why You Should Watch:

You may watch this movie if you want to have a glimpse of the naughtiness girls do for fun. The girls have stayed true to their characters and brought in more fun and thrill factor. Anukunnadi Okati Ayindi Okkati is targeted to a certain section of the audience and they’ll enjoy it.