Verdict: Fun for the veterans, and the uninitiated.

What Red Velvet cake is to the belly, The Adventures of Asterix is to the mind. For those not in the know, Asterix, a series of comic books in French, was the brainchild of the late René Goscinny, who has been lovingly nurtured by Albert Uderzo.

The Mansions of the Gods, based on the 17th volume of the Asterix comic book series, deals with the antagonist, Julius Caesar (voiced by Philippe Morier Genoud), who orchestrates the elimination of the Gaulish hamlet. He intends to acculturate the Gauls to Roman culture by building mansions around them with the help of the architect Squareonthehypotenus, the Roman captain Oursenplus (voiced by Alexandre Astier) and Senator Prospectus (voiced by Alain Chabat). Despite the efforts Asterix (voiced by Roger Carel) and Obelix (voiced by Guillaume Briat) make to mar Caesar's endeavors, the Gauls succumb to the Roman way of life. Cacophonix's expulsion from the mansion, results in the destruction of the Roman colony, and its remains are covered by Getafix's trees.

Directed by Alexandre Astier and Louis Clichy, this cinematic experience, with a run time of 85 minutes, manages to stay true to its source, and unabashedly so. Although, the story has nothing unexampled to offer, a few add-ons give the film a tinge of freshness. The characters are true to the book, the visuals are eye-catching and Rombi's music enhances the viewer's experience.

Most of the dialogues in the film comprise jokes that cater to an audience inclusive of adults as well as children. However, the film does not incite a laugh riot. That is not to say that one doesn't titter. The film provides opportunities to do so, in snatches. For instance, when Asterix runs out of his potion, he pretends to possess strength enough to punch a man to the other side of the forest. The film, with its well thought out gags, manages to be more than just drollery. It also brings up pertinent 21st century concerns about deforestation and perceived "development".

Why You Should Watch This Movie:
Asterix : The Mansions of the Gods not only makes fans of the Asterix comic series dancing-on-air happy, but it also enthralls the newbies, acquainting them with Asterix's world, with ease.