Mughal history inspires Bollywood

Mughal-e-Azam, Asoka, Jodha Akbar and now Aurangzeb. All these names share a similarity among them and it needs no knowledge of history to realize and that every title reminds us of the emperors who have ruled India in the past. But from another perspective, history also suggests that Bollywood has directly benefited from the legacy of emperors and have successfully brought their story on screen at regular intervals. This time Yash Raj films is releasing their latest movie Aurangzeb which at first appears to be a biopic of the Mughal Baadshah, but after watching the trailer it comes as a surprise that the film has a modern day setting and is based in the city of Gurgaon. After a long time the audience will get the opportunity to watch a movie which has the double role of the hero (Arjun Kapoor). Films with double roles are a rarity. It is always a challenge to make a good movie with the protagonist in a double role. The trailer suggests that the legacy of Aurangzeb percolates through the whole movie and every character in the film references the Mughal emperor’s philosophy in one way or the other. The movie reads ‘Kingship knows no kinship’ which in itself is the best explanation to the title of the film.
The Changing face of Hindi films
With the changing times and advent of multiplex, the content of Hindi movies have also changed gradually and is reflected in the nature of the films produced in Bollywood. After watching the first look it feels that the movie is inspired from classic Yash Chopra’s Trishul (1978) and the influence of Martin Scorsese’s Departed (2006) can also be felt in the movie. It’s becoming quite exciting to see how the film interweaves this crime-saga given its diverse influences and manages to stand on its own. Rishi Kapoor’s role as police chief is quite villainous and the lethal presence of Arjun Kapoor in double roles is certainly going to add the much needed manic edge, typical of the crime world. Certainly in recent times the quality of Hindi movies has levelled up, much of which is credited to the fresh inflow of new talents in the industry. This trend can be seen as a genuinely exciting period in Hindi cinema where the filmmakers are experimenting with different subjects and really forming a diverse body of work. Also the movie marks the return of Jackie Shroff in a negative role as he has convincingly essayed the ‘Bad Man’ (read Gulshan Grover) in Mission Kashmir (2000) and Aan: Men at work (2004).
Kingship knows no kinship
With the ensemble cast of Rishi Kapoor, Prithiviraj, Jackie Shroff and Sasha Agha (Salma Agha’s daughter), the latest YRF release can’t get better, and after watching the trailer everyone is expecting this crime drama to be an interesting chess piece of crime, ambition and conspiracy. “’Baadshahat bhaichaare ko nahin dekhti”…

Five reasons to watch Aurangzeb

Film with the double role of the hero.
Inspired from Mughal history.
Crime drama set in contemporary times.
Return of Jackie Shroff  in a negative role.
Good acting from the ensemble cast.

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