Avengers: Infinity War is certainly the most ambitious crossover of all time and a successful one too. Never have we seen all the six Infinity Stones in one movie and if we really really think about what is Marvel Cinematic Universe but a journey of these Infinity Stones coming together after being separated for eons. Keeping the jokes aside, the movie had everything from great humor to great action and deaths, so many deaths. The kind of deaths that might make you cry on the inside and sometimes even on the outside. But there is a silver lining. If the comic lore is to be believed, each of the characters who have died can come back. For everyone who has not seen the movie yet, you might want to stop now. The others who are distraught by the deaths, read on.

1. The Time Stone problem
As we saw towards the end of the movie, Thanos can still use the power of the stones as he used the space stone to transport himself. As per the Infinity Gauntlet comic, just when Thanos wins it all, Nebula takes control of the gauntlet and her first action is to turn the time back 24 hours. So that would negate everything that happened in Avengers: Infinity War and bring back everyone including Loki and Heimdall.

2. The souls inside the Soul Stone
Even if they don’t follow that storyline, everyone who disappeared in this movie will find themselves trapped inside the Soul Stone. With the combined magical and mystical powers of Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange, we might see half of the universe making a miraculous escape.

3. The swap solution
Ironically, the people who are alive now have a greater chance of dying for good in the next one. There is no comic lore to back this but our logical minds have come up with a solution. For the greater good, our remaining mighty heroes exchange their souls for the ones inside the stone who, with all their might, find a way to restore the unbalance in the universe.

4. Everything is going as planned
We have had a glimpse of Adam Warlock towards the end of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie but he has played no other role since then. Adam Warlock is the brain behind all the plans against Thanos in the comic series Infinity Gauntlet and he might make his presence felt in the next movie. Since he is the one who eventually ends up with the Gauntlet, we are curious to see how this plays out. Even Doctor Strange hints at this in the movie.

5. Everybody stays dead
For this to happen, Marvel will have to be really brave. They will have to put the power of the storytelling over all the money they could earn in the next ten years. Since that is unlikely to happen, this possibility is very remote.

Whatever may be the outcome of the people who died this time, make sure you carry lots of tissues when you make your way to the theatres on 3rd May 2019. Take it from us when we say that you cannot watch Avengers: Infinity War just once. So go ahead and book your tickets and keep your eyes open for clues to the next movie.

Disclaimer: The inline images have been sourced from Marvel’s Infinity Gauntlet comic book series.